Thoughts on Our Republic’s Travail (3)

Is this an example of Gaslighting, Projection or Madness? Has this man been asleep for the past five years? Was he on another planet after the 2000 Bush/Gore Presidential Election? Has he never heard Hillary Clinton, the entire Congressional leadership of the Democrat Party and the MSM attack the legitimacy of the 2016 election? Was he in an altered state of consciousness when Hillary Clinton demand that the Democrats never concede in 2020? One simply stands in slack-jawed bewilderment before these entitled, pathetic elites who imagine that they are fooling us.

A Great Summation of our Current Political Situation

Mollie Hemingway, a senior editor at The Federalist has provided an excellent summary of this particular political moment in the United States.  

What Democrats and their media enablers put Trump and his Republican voters through these last four years was truly horrific. The media sold the Russia collusion story as a certainty for years. When it unraveled, they either denied that it had unraveled, or ignored it and moved to the next effort to oust Trump.

The false and delusional conspiracy theory, wielded eagerly and viciously by media handmaidens in order to harm Trump and his voters and keep them from accomplishing their policy objectives, damaged the country. While there is no evidence in support of the claim of treasonous collusion with Russia to steal the 2016 election, and in fact not a single American was found to have colluded, it was pushed so relentlessly by liberals that 81 percent of liberals actually believe it was true! Tribe is right that conspiracy theories are harmful to the fabric of the country. He and every single other person who perpetrated the Russia collusion hoax should never forget how much they harmed the country with their lies.

Trump’s 74 million supporters — knowing that their political opponents are willing to spy, fund and fabricate a dossier, push a “collusion” hoax, accuse a federal judge of being a serial gang rapist, run a “resistance” campaign throughout the federal government, manufacture an impeachment, use tech corporations to censor legitimate news about Biden family corruption, trash an economy, and lie about Trump’s standing with American voters through propaganda polls — now have a pretty good idea that election fraud is well within the realm of possibility. That would be true even if Democrats hadn’t spent much of the year working to ensure lowered scrutiny of mail-in ballots, which everyone knows are more susceptible to fraud than other ballots.

If it takes a few weeks for these 74 million voters and their elected representatives to see if they can learn anything about election integrity and whether this election had it, the people who put them through four years of claims about “illegitimacy” can go ahead and sit down and wait.

obi-wan-kenobiThese ridiculous people apparently believe that they can wave their hands Obi-Wan Kenobi like and  convince us plebes that the past twenty years of Progressive corruption hasn’t occurred.  No, quite the contrary, for the past twenty years they would have us believe that the Progressive Movement has been the epitome of peacefulness, moderation, kindness and love.  

The problem is that the last four years has delivered, in the words of Victor Davis Hanson “penetrating imagery” that  “showed their own malignancy.”  Here’s his opening salvo.

These past four years, Donald Trump, intentionally or not, became a CT scanner that produced three-dimensional images of the innards of elite institutions and people, showing us what is beneath their veneers. He had an eerie manner of replying to critics in such an upstart fashion that those who objected to his supposed crudity proved cruder in repartee than he. And he showcased his successes for America in such a way as to make his enemies wish that successes for their country were failures instead.

And here’s his crushing conclusion.

In their obsession with Trump, in their lust to return to power or regain influence or reestablish national attention, to remind us of their connections and arguments from authority, to prove that the successful upstart Trump’s record was a failure, and that own their dubious expertise and unappreciated commentary were seminal and invaluable, elites revealed to the nation what they were—and perhaps had always been.

And the resulting penetrating imagery showed their own growing malignancy inside and out.

These people my have won this Presidential Election (yet to be determined), but they will never recover their credibility or their moral authority.

Something Wicked This Way Comes (7)

Li Zhensheng/Contact Press Images
“Provincial Party Secretary Wang Yilun, being criticized by Red Guards from the University of Industry and forced to bear a placard with the accusation “counterrevolutionary revisionist element,” Harbin, China, August 23, 1966”

Our Maoist Cultural Revolution Elites

We stand at the precipice of social disintegration.  A recent survey revealed that 75% of Republican and 30% of Democrat voters believe it credible that the Presidential Election was stolen.  Given that around 150 million people voted that amounts to approximately 80 million citizens.  You might think that the leading lights of the Democrat Party would be focused like a laser on convincing the public through transparency and acts of good faith that nothing of the sort happened.

I have previously  discussed the amazing message discipline of which the Progressive Democrats are capable.  And yet, while the presumptive President-Elect, Joe Biden, attempts to deliver soothing messages of “unity” and “safety” many Elite leaders are openly arguing for a Maoist Cultural Revolution-like response to President Trump, his family, members of his administration and his supporters in general.  These are not morally or intellectually well people.  But they are people who will have major influence on our nation’s policies as well as the DOJ, FBI, CIA, IRS, NSA and other powerful administrative organizations of the Federal Government.

Here are some of the things that these people are saying loudly and proudly in the public square.

David Plouffe is Barack Obama’s former campaign manager, which means that he operates near the pinnacle of Democrat Progressive power.  Way back in 2016 he started the drumbeat for not defeat, but the utter destruction of their political opposition.


This powerful and influential man’s demand for the politics of personal destruction has been heard, expanded and amplified by our current crop of Socialist Democrats, starting (of course) with Representative Ocasio-Cortez.


A rabid Never-Trumper group heard the call and responded Pavlov dog style.  Yes, they eventually went inactive, but there is no denying the reality of this vicious desire operating just below the surface.


Of course, individual deranged Never-Trumpers are keeping the flame of oppression alive even though it is currently hidden under the cloak of “unity” for the time being.  Here’s what one of them recently had to say on the issue.


Oh wait, here’s the “Conservative Republican” alternate presidential 2016 candidate Evan McMullin showing his submission to a Maoist Cultural Revolution future.


So, maybe you’re thinking that this totalitarian fantasy is limited to immature, uneducated members of Congress and rabid anti-trumpets.  Well, no. For example, there’s David Atkins, a newly elected California member of the Democratic National Committee who had an idea for how to heal the nation’s wounds.


Yes, the “mass deprogramming” of 75 million citizens and their families can only be a positive, healing experience for the nation.

But surely our most elite journalists would not take part in this crude power play.   Well, the “Senior Art Critic” at New York magazine seems to have bought into the idea of political eradication.


Question: If Republicanism is “not the people, obviously” then in what form does it reside?  As in so many cases of Progressive speech we are faced with the choice of moron or deceiver.  Some people recommend the power of “and.”

I’m not here predicting  that a Maoist Cultural Revolution in in our near-term future.  However, since the Progressive Left has already utilized political violence, rioting, arson, looting, cancel-culture, election fraud and intimidation to advance its goals we shouldn’t expect that they will be deterred by any sense of human decency or political moderation.  No, they will only be stopped by the rise of vocal, motivated and effective people and organizations who will preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Georgia H. Exposes Progressivism’s Lies (6)

The answer might surprise you…

Consequences of the Media’s Lies

In the previous post Georgia H. described her awakening to the distortions and lies perpetrated by the Mainstream Media (MSM).  Here I will focus on her thoughts concerning the consequences of this corruption.  The following quotes* are from Georgia H’s #WalkAway video.

So probably the thing that bothered me the most was sort of the broad and rampant and totally unapologetic disparagement of Trump’s voters.  I was shocked to see friends and family and people I knew to be good and decent kind of writing off Trump voters as deplorable.  You know, 63 million Americans like racist, transphobic, deplorable, and I heard that come out of the mouth of people who I knew to be kind and gentle.  And I just was thinking you couldn’t have, you wouldn’t have said that on your own.  The TV must have taught you that because that’s not who you are.

This statement it troubling.  Many of us “commoners” walk around with the assumption that it is only a lunatic fringe in the Progressive Movement who harbor such hatred towards us.  Georgia is here saying that Progressive people who she “knew to be good and decent” were partaking in the same hatred as those in what we hoped was just a lunatic fringe.

She goes on to attribute this behavior to the influence of the media through television.   I suppose, having written a five-part series on “Ideological Conformity and Civilizational Decline” that focused on Progressives her statement shouldn’t have been a surprise.  Yet is was, because I had hoped that the moral destruction hadn’t penetrated this far into our culture.

And that was where I started really putting together how divisive our media is.  Because in the way that it’s able to brainwash good decent people into hating their neighbors, you know, into just blindly disparaging huge swaths of this population, brainwashing them into thinking it’s praiseworthy even to demonstrate contempt for millions of Americans that they’ve never met.

This is an excellent summation of the divisive moment in which we are now living.  Having been repeatedly experienced this contempt (for example see here and here) I can tell you that it is extremely difficult to escape with an assumption of “good intentions” on the part of these bullies.  In fact, although we all must continue to initially assume good intentions in all we meet, the existence of this widespread Progressive attitude significantly diminishes my patience for even traces of contempt in others.  Thus there is no avoiding the fact that their hatred, over time, tends to create similar feelings.  

This is an extremely dangerous situation of which we must be aware and consciously resist.  My strategy has been to:

  1. Reject their contempt;
  2. Explicitly point out their cruelty and empty emotional appeals;
  3. Demand that they support their position on the merits;
  4. Disengage while making it clear that they have failed to obtain my agreement if they persist.

The fact that Georgia H. was able to realize the destructive nature of the Progressive Movement gives me hope that others are also reachable.

*Note, since this is a transcript of spoken words there are verbal phrases and repetitions that would not be there had she been communicating in writing.  Also, in a few cases the verbal artifacts become confusing enough to obscure the meaning.  In those cases I have edited the transcript.

Same Sex Marriage Debate at My Home Church (5)

In the congregational communication announcing that the Christian Marriage Policy at my home church would remain unchanged there was a second key point made, that being a commitment to “work together as a united church to facilitate conversations on issues that divide us.”  There was also an invitation for member feedback to the Clerk of Session.  I therefore took this opportunity to send the following statement with our pastors cc’d.

Note that I have replaced our actual church name with [ChurchName] due to the nature of internet blog distriution.

RE: Facilitating Conversations on Issues that Divide Us


I am very encouraged by the results of the recent Session work on same sex marriage. The fact that the Session, in a culture dominated by postmodernism was able to look at Scripture and conclude that Christ’s Words are authoritative is a remarkable achievement. It’s clear that there was strong disagreement on this issue. So it is also a remarkable achievement to have exited this contentious debate with a renewed commitment to “work together as a united church to facilitate conversations on issues that divide us.” It is to this second result that I make the following comments.


The most crucial prerequisite for facilitating “conversations on issues that divide us” is a social environment in which people of differing perspectives can speak freely and openly.  In such an environment people should expect that their ideas and opinions will be examined and criticized by others. However, people must not have their motives and character assaulted because of their ideas and opinions.  Obviously I am here assuming that we are dealing with people of generally good faith, which is a completely reasonable assumption for members of [ChurchName].

The sad, dangerous truth is that in our current social environment people with more conservative ideas are far less likely to express their thoughts.  A recent Cato Institute/YouGov survey showed that the more conservative is a person the more they fear expressing their views in public.  The summary graph for this result follows.


Note that the only political group in which there was majority disagreement with the proposition is “Strong Liberal.” Almost two-thirds of “Moderate” and over three-quarters of “Conservative” and “Strong Conservative” people felt strong social pressure to remain silent regarding their beliefs.

These fears are not irrational, as we all are well aware of “cancel culture” in general and of specific cases where people with non-conformist views lost their reputations and/or livelihoods. It is a sad fact that the members of our church, who tend to be more highly educated, fear reprisal the most (see the first following chart).

But it is the second of the two following charts that is the most concerning. Whereas for Democrats the level of career fear is unrelated to education level, for Republicans fear more than doubles from low to high education levels. Thus, if the social environment that exists outside of [ChurchName] has an impact on what is felt inside [ChurchName] then we have a big problem — that being that we cannot effectively “facilitate conversations on issues that divide us” because conservative members feel socially constrained.


I believe that this general social environment has to some extent penetrated into [ChurchName]. When talking to my more conservative (theologically and/or politically) friends I sometimes encounter an unwillingness to express their views outside of their close social circle. Others have complained that on the (thankfully rare) occasions in which politics are discussed in worship or education the perspective is almost uniformly progressive (and sometimes radically so).

It’s difficult to deny that the general social pressure in our nation and denomination is more supportive of progressive than opposing / differing viewpoints. If [ChurchName] truly wants to develop an environment where differing views can be constructively discussed then the essential first step is to ensure that all points of view are allowed equal footing. We need to trust that in a free marketplace of speech good ideas will tend to fare far better than bad ideas. But declaring certain ideas to be bad (either by implication or directly) before they have been explored creates a dangerous sense of disenfranchisement and disrespect among many members.

The Pacification fo the Christians (4)


Thoughts on Why

There are likely numerous intersecting reasons for why so many Mainline pastors and parishioners work so diligently to convince their fellow Christians to be always “meek and mild.”  If there is one uniting theme it is that of control.  In the following sections I will explore two of these dimensions of control enabled by this partial and therefore false Gospel teaching.

Therapeutic Religion

We ended the previous post on this topic with the point made by J. I. Packer that the new gospel is focused on making humans “feel better.”  It is obvious that by confronting another person with accusations of misbehavior or incorrect ideas we will most likely (in the short run) make them feel worse rather than better.  This goes double (at least) for one Christian confronting another Christian.  Thus, a gospel centered on humans and focused on advancing their self esteem will need a savior who teaches that we must always be “meek and mild” in order to be a true follower.

Now consider how this new (false) gospel intersects with the victim-based morality of identity politics and intersectionality.  By virtue of their claims of victimhood entire groups of humans are placed beyond criticism regardless of their behavior.  For Christians who have been conditioned to be always “meek and mild” there are virtually no intellectual or theological defenses to the acceptance of these ideas.  Thus, any demands by these groups (or by those claiming to support them), no mater how non-Biblical or even anti-Christian are given the presumption of validity.

This strategy has been utilized to drive Christians to abandon the definition of Christian marriage and to justify the superposition of secular neo-Marxist ideologies ( for example, Critical Race Theory) onto Christian theology.  We “meek and mild” Christians dare not resist lest we find ourselves accused of being mean to the certified victim groups in whose supposed interests these ideas are being advanced.

Scriptural Distortion and Dishonesty

Once the “meek and mild” Christian imperative has been internalized it is much easier to smuggle false doctrines into Christianity.  It’s also far more difficult to defend true but “not nice enough” doctrines.

On the false doctrine side, all that has to be done to create credibility is to show that the new (false) doctrine makes people feel better and/or advances the interests of certified victims.  With regard to Biblical justification even a single verse can be extrapolated to cover the entire ideological scope.

Thus, we are confidently told by environmentalist that since The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. (Genesis 2:15) we are therefore compelled to accept their positions on “global warming” or the number of parts-per-million of a given chemical in the air.  After all, to not agree means that we don’t care about “the poor” or “the children.”  It doesn’t matter if their policies actually harm, say, the poor by denying them the electric power necessary for economic advancement in order to limit carbon emissions.  What matters is that we can “feel good” about our commitment to environmental justice.

In other cases Bible verses can be twisted into saying the opposite of what they actually meant or even created from thin air.  One infamous case is Barack Obama’s claim that the Bible teaches us to be “our brother’s keeper” as a justification for his Progressive policies.  Here’s one example”

“But part of that belief comes from my faith in the idea that I am my brother’s keeper and I am my sister’s keeper; that as a country, we rise and fall together.”

But the actual Biblical passage has nothing to do with one person being another’s keeper.  No, it has to do with the first murderer attempting to hide his guilt from God (Genesis 4).

8Now Cain said to his brother Abel, “Let’s go out to the field.”  While they were in the field, Cain attacked his brother Abel and killed him.  9Then the Lord said to Cain, “Where is your brother Abel?”  “I don’t know,” he replied. “Am I my brother’s keeper?”  10The Lord said, “What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground.

But, since the then President was presumed to be helping people he is given a complete pass.

The most egregious use of false Scripture was by Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg in an attempt to justify abortion up to the time of delivery.  Here’s the quote:

“Right now, they hold everybody in line with this one piece of doctrine about abortion, which is obviously a tough issue for a lot of people to think through morally. Then again, there’s a lot of parts of the Bible that talk about how life begins with breath, and so even that is something that we can interpret differently,”

In fact there is no place in the Bible where life is defined to begin only at an infant’s first breath.  But there are dozens of verses in the Bible that define the unborn to have life.  But, since Mr. Buttigieg claims to be a “nice” supporter of women’s rights (to abort their child at any time they wish) he gets to make up Biblical teaching out of whole cloth.

All of this Scriptural falsehood and much more is smuggled in under the cloak of “being nice” or “being helpful.”  By these means our Christian theology has been twisted to support secular, partisan political ideologies.  And it is by this means that Christians are shamed and fooled into seeing support of these secular ideologies as requirements of their faith.

Georgia H. Exposes Progressivism’s Lies (5)

What you realize is going on when the Progressive brainwashing is rejected.

Exposing the Mainstream Media

georgia-h-2In the previous post this young lady, Georgia H., described in great detail the Critical Race Theory brainwashing attempts by the leaders in her organization.  There she began to recognize the malign motives by which people of various races (but most deeply black people) were deceived and harmed.

In this post I will focus on her awakening to the part played by the Mainstream Media (MSM) as it controlled the information available to its viewers in order to make them more susceptible to Progressive lies.  The following quotes* are from Georgia H’s #WalkAway video.

Another part of my change of heart was when I learned how corrupt our media is. So around 2013 I remember there was this kind of media trend where we would see a video of a teacher or white teacher in some sort of altercation with a black student, or a white school resource officer yanking someone out of their desk or whatever.  And it would be like this big sensational thing and we would have all these articles about the systemic racism that supposedly pervades our schools.  And then I immediately knew.  I had just come from a school district where a teacher could get pushed down the stairs by a student, fully down a flight of stairs, they could break bone, whatever, and the student would barely get a consequence.  So I knew that this whole tale they were trying to spin, I knew that this was not reflective of reality.  And I felt bad for these teachers that were being slandered as racist purely based on the color of their skin.

Note two things:

  1. Georgia compares the media stories to her lived experience and chooses to use her experience as the standard for what constitutes truth, and;
  2. Her ability to empathize with other human beings has not been corrupted to the point that all she sees is race when evaluating the moral nature of the situation.

Without these two traits it’s highly doubtful that Georgia would have ever broken through the tissue of lies separating her from intellectual freedom and human decency.

I also learned from observing this little trend how the media lies; so they lie without specifically telling you lies. They lie by cherry picking stories and then they crop the videos and then they omit certain important details and then they squash other kinds of stories so it creates this effect of seeing this trend that in real life does not exist.  

So it was kind of like Deja vu when Ferguson happened and BLM sprang up.  And I was, I’ll be honest, I was immediately skeptical of the Michael Brown story.  So I waited for the DOJ report to come out and I read it and I saw yeah like we were lied to, like massively lied to.  If you haven’t read it you should and this was the first time that I really saw the sinister side of what the media is doing.  

So with the teacher thing that irked me.  But with the BLM thing this time we were seeing a majority black community be basically burned to the ground in the name of racial justice.  And it was all spawned by a media story that was a lie, like a full cloth lie.

So, Georgia takes what she has learned about the media in an area that she knows well (education) and applies it to other cases.  That is, she recognized how the specific tactics used in education stories could be generalized to understand MSM behavior elsewhere.

Due to this insight she refused to swallow the Ferguson story put forth by the MSM, but rather waited for credible information to emerge.  

Note that in the first excerpt she “took the side” of the (white) teachers.  However, in the second excerpt her main concern is how the MSM’s lies harmed the “black community.”  This is what is looks like when an objective moral standard is applied to specific situations.  Unlike the racist standards taught by Critical Race Theory, her standards compare events to standards that transcend race.  Here we see in stark relief the difference between Progressive and Conservative moral reasoning.

*Note, since this is a transcript of spoken words there are verbal phrases and repetitions that would not be there had she been communicating in writing.  Also, in a few cases the verbal artifacts become confusing enough to obscure the meaning.  In those cases I have edited the transcript.

A Timely Challenge to Christianity: “Live Not By Lies” (6)

Apple banned a pro-life site from its news platform in 2019

Woke Capitalism

Rod Dreher’s book Live Not By Lies adds a second novel idea into the mix by focusing on the role of “woke Capitalism” in advancing the totalitarian Progressive project.  I first directly confronted this fact during the battle over Indiana’s Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) in 2015.  While the usual Social Justice  groups attacked the law, I was stunned to learn that Apple (and other large tech companies) had publicly attacked Indiana and its government over the law.

While I didn’t doubt that many commercial companies embraced progressive practices for their marketing and work force, I was surprised that they would attack a significant segment of their customer base.  However, when you are a multiple billion dollar global corporation apparently losing customers in one U.S. state is a small price to pay for the cause.  This act was particularly hypocritical on their part though, since these same corporations happily do business in countries that openly discriminate against and even execute gays.

Mr. Dreher introduces this essential dimension of our slide into totalitarianism as follows.

The embrace of aggressive social progressivism by Big Business is one of the most underappreciated stories of the last two decades. Critics call it “woke capitalism,” a snarky theft of the left-wing slang term indicating progressive enlightenment. Woke capitalism is now the most transformative agent within the religion of social justice, because it unites progressive ideology with the most potent force in American life: consumerism and making money.

He then goes on to explain how woke Capitalism in general, and the big tech social media companies in particular make possible a soft totalitarian surveillance and control regime.

In the West today, we are living under decadent, pre-totalitarian conditions. Social atomization, widespread loneliness, the rise of ideology, widespread loss of faith in institutions, and other factors leave society vulnerable to the totalitarian temptation to which both Russia and Germany succumbed in the previous century. Furthermore, intellectual, cultural, academic, and corporate elites are under the sway of a left-wing political cult built around social justice. It is a militantly illiberal ideology that shares alarming commonalities with Bolshevism, including dividing humanity between the Good and the Evil. This pseudoreligion appears to meet a need for meaning and moral purpose in a post-Christian society and seeks to build a just society by demonizing, excluding, and even persecuting all who resist its harsh dogmas. Finally, Big Business’s embrace and promotion of progressive social values and the emergence of “surveillance capitalism”—the sales-directed mining of individual data gathered by electronic devices—is preparing the West to accept a version of China’s social credit system. We are being conditioned to surrender privacy and political liberties for the sake of comfort, convenience, and an artificially imposed social harmony. This is the brave new world of the twenty-first century. Christian dissidents will be unable to mount an effective resistance if their eyes aren’t open to and focused on the nature and methods of social justice ideology and the ways in which data harvesting and manipulation can and will be used by woke capitalists and social justice ideologues in institutional authority to impose control.

Many orthodox Christians of my generation have assumed that capitalism is generally a force for good in the world even with its excesses and crimes.  We considered capitalism to be inherently supportive of individual freedom and economic / social advancement.  However, due to the advent of globalism, the ideological educational system and the counter example of Communist China, it appears that a new type of “capitalism” has emerged that is in direct opposition to individual liberty.  One of those liberties is most definitely our freedom of religion as found in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  We must open our eyes to this new and powerful threat.

A Corruption Earthquake

There is simply no way to  ignore the institutional corruption exposed by the the Trump presidency and the 2020 elections.  Tens of millions of decent, play by the rules Americans have watched in utter shock, anger and dismay as:

  • Our Federal Intelligence and Law Enforcement organizations working hand in glove with the Mainstream Media (MSM) and the Democrat Party conducted, in effect, a coup against President Trump, his administration and his supporters;
  • The MSM and Big Tech locked arms to suppress the absolutely credible information on Biden family corruption as they shamelessly leveraged Joe Biden’s (the Democrat presidential candidate) positions of public service to enrich themselves through hidden, sketchy relationships with entities in Communist China, Russia, the Ukraine and many others;
  • For the second Presidential election cycle in a row, polling organizations massively overestimated the support for the Democrat candidate, thus setting up an expectation of an unstoppable Democrat victory;
  • Democrat run city administrations have allowed and even supported massive rioting, looting, arson and even murder by Antifa/BLM “protesters” in order to intimidate the general population;
  • Utterly shameless and transparent vote fraud conducted in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Nevada — all Democrat run states — with the MSM ignoring it all and reporting election “results” as if this is just another normal election.

I could go on, pointing out similar levels of corruption in our religious,  educational and other Progressive institutions.

The epicenter of this massive corruption earthquake — coordinating, empowering and justifying it all — is the Democrat Party.  If you are a supporter of the Democrat Party then you must have either embraced utter corruption or carefully avoided noticing it.  But regardless you are supporting a political party that is descending into proto-totalitarianism.  

The brutal, dishonest, insatiable lust for power has utterly corrupted many individual members and organizations in and around the Democrat Party.  Long ago any pretense of honor and decency has been dropped.  If you remain associated with this Party then you cannot credibly claim innocence from the destruction that it is doing to our nation and its citizens.

earthquake-aftermathIf I and you slink off into cowardly acceptance of this vile corruption then our future is dark indeed.  This is not something occurring at the margins of an otherwise healthy body politic.  No, it is a Stage 4 cancer that will consume the life, liberty and happiness of our people if left untreated.

Treatment means refusing to submit to the lies that undergird this evil project.  We must identify the lies behind their sweet sounding propaganda and then oppose them.  We must speak up, give and work to reestablish common decency, accountability and equality under the law in the United States.

They, just like the British Empire in the time of our Revolution, seem to have all the power, all the advantages.  But in spite of that we fought for eight long years, suffering humiliating defeats, living in uncertainty and fear, until the supposedly all powerful Empire surrendered and withdrew from our midst.  Nothing on this level of courage and perseverance is required now.  But make no mistake, courage and perseverance far beyond that which we have previously shown will be required to defeat this new seemingly all powerful empire of corruption.

Georgia H. Exposes Progressivism’s Lies (4)

The “progress” that Progressives have delivered…

The epicenter  of the Progressive violent earthquake has been the issue of race.  I have been discussing this epicenter for much of this year.  While there is significant overlap between my and her comments, Georgia H brings new value in at least two areas, those  being she:

  1. speaks as a young person with first hand experience of how Critical Race Theory (CRT) is taught, and;
  2. exposes the presence of racial sabotage in CRT.

The following quotes* are from Georgia H’s #WalkAway video.

There is a certain type of person who makes fighting racism a part of their identity.  And the problem with that is, as noble as it sounds, if you know the existence of a problem is part of a person’s identity, they become very threatened by the idea of that problem being resolved.

There is nothing theoretical about this statement.  She experienced it in the people leading and supporting the racial brainwashing sessions at her place of work.  We see it playing out in our family members, friends, coworkers and in the violent BLM/Antifa rioters.  We also see it in Democrat Party candidates and officeholders, who utilize it to terrify minority voters and shame majority voters into supporting their evil vision for a totalitarian America.

And they may even engage in like sabotage behaviors, which frankly I think a lot of this woke ideology is a sabotage effort.  And I mean that’s why you see some of these people kind of desperately trying to expand the definition of racism so that there’s always going to be a sufficient amount of it that they can like continue wallowing in their heroic identity.

Yes, their “heroic identity.”  This is an identity that enables them to transcend any moral boundary, any bond of human relationship to pursue their “socially just” end.  

And there’s a very clear distinction between those people and the real deal like Martin Luther King.  Because someone like Martin Luther King actually had a vision for a time in the future where this problem wouldn’t be there.  His goal, his vision was for the future where he did not need to have this problem.  And that is distinctly different from the crew of people I think we see today more than ever, of people who don’t really want to move past this problem because they have a lot of personal investment in the problem.

Bari Weiss in her recent article “Stop Being Shocked” summarized Dr. Martin Luther King’s vision for healing racism.  Note that this is in diametric opposition to the hatred and violence of the BLM/Antifa/Democrat position on how to deal with the diminishing remnants of racism in the Unites States.

Racism was evil because it contradicted the foundations of this worldview, since it judged people not based on the content of their character, but on the color of their skin. And while America’s founders were guilty of undeniable hypocrisy, their own moral failings did not invalidate their transformational project. The founding documents were not evil to the core but “magnificent,” as Martin Luther King Jr. put it, because they were “a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir.” In other words: The founders themselves planted the seeds of slavery’s destruction. And our second founding fathers—abolitionists like Frederick Douglass—made it so. America would never be perfect, but we could always strive toward building a more perfect union.

Make no mistake, this “personal investment” to which Georgia refers isn’t just about individual feelings of superiority.  No, this “investment” is  part of a movement to bring Fascist totalitarianism into the United States of America.  

She has turned away in horror once the true nature of this movement finally became clear.  For far too many of our fellow citizens the true nature of this movement creates anticipatory joy.

*Note, since this is a transcript of spoken words there are verbal phrases and repetitions that would not be there had she been communicating in writing.  Also, in a few cases the verbal artifacts become confusing enough to obscure the meaning.  In those cases I have edited the transcript.

Something Wicked This Way Comes (6)

“The more I love humanity in general the less I love man in particular.” (Fyodor Dostoyevsky)

Are you hoping that if Joe Biden and the Democrats win the upcoming election that political violence in our nation will subside?  If so, you are living in a dangerous fantasy.  The fact is that high profile, influential Democrats are proposing to severely harass and punish anyone who is  identified as a Trump supporter should they win sufficient power in November.  They aren’t even attempting to hide their wickedness because they are out of their senses with the hatred that can only be created by totalitarian ideology.  Here are some examples.

Dick Costolo, Former Twitter CEO Threatens Firing Squad Execution of Another CEO

The former CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo Tweeted that Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase should be lined up and shot come the revolution.  This outburst occurred because Armstrong decided to cease forcing employees to engage in social justice agendas such as Critical Race Theory.

Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 7.06.08 AM

Ask yourself what kind of evil madness has overtaken the Progressive Left when former major social media CEOs feel free to threaten violence in this overt manner.

Reza Aslan, Religious Scholar, Demands Trump and His Supporters be “Eradicated”

Religious scholar and CNN contributor, Reza Aslan, recently Tweeted that all Trump supporters “must be eradicated from society” along with Trump, and that there is “no longer any room for nuance.”

Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 7.06.38 AM

Ask yourself, what would it look like to eradicate a President, his administration’s employees and 63 million supporters?  Yes, it’s so evil that any decent mind refuses to go there.  But not so the morally superior mind of a CNN contributor and religious scholar.

Emily Freeman, Microsoft Engineer and Public Speaker, Wants to Knife Conservatives

This woman is employed (and apparently remains employed) by one of the most significant corporations in the world.  Not only that, but other Microsoft employees, including Program Manager Alex Dupler, publicly affirmed and supported this vicious murder fantasy (or is it?).

Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 7.07.40 AM

janus-awardEmily follows in the footsteps of the first Janus Award Winner, Heather, by in a single Tweet displaying the hypocrisy attainable only by our Progressive moral superiors.  That is, she states that “We care about people” and we can “occasionally slide a knife between some as*****’s ribs” in a single Tweet.  For this great effort she deserves at least a Janus Award  Honorable Mention.


Make no mistake, the violent, totalitarian desires of the Progressives will only be encouraged by a Biden/Democrat victory.  Yes, they may riot, loot, burn and kill after a Trump/Republican victory.  But they will not have the power of the further weaponized Federal Government either enabling or actively supporting their crimes.

Vote for President Trump and Republicans like your life and our Republic depends on it, because it very well might.