The Purpose of Relentless Hysteria (1)


Looking back on this blog’s content one obvious theme is the seemingly purposeful deployment of hysteria to advance social-political goals.  I suppose it’s natural for this theme to rise up into view given the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic.  While I may cover this particular contemporary issue in detail later, the following excerpt provides a good summary of our current situation.

While we should be concerned and diligent, the situation has dramatically elevated to a mob-like fear spreading faster than COVID-19 itself. When 13% of Americans believe they are currently infected with COVID-19 (mathematically impossible), full-on panic is blocking our ability to think clearly and determine how to deploy our resources to stop this virus.

don-t-keep-calm-the-end-is-nearCertainly the “climate change” community has sought to induce a sense of hysterical doom in the general public for the past 50 years at least.  Although I’ve blogged extensively on this issue, recent explicit statements by this community’s designated leaders have confirmed my point.

‘The planet is burning’, they lie, in relation to climate change, … ‘I want you to panic’, instructs the newest mouthpiece of green apocalypticism, Greta Thunberg

Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 7.37.37 AM

Progressive hysteria

However the most posts by far have been devoted to the elite Progressive freak-out caused by the election of Donald trump to the Presidency.  In fact, so numerous and wide ranging were these posts that I organized them into my latest eBook, titled The Progressive Riot.  What but hysteria does the cover to this book seek to convey?

But this hysteria isn’t randomly deployed.  No, it has a definite purpose in pursuit of a specific goal, that being to convince the American public that they allowed a man of ultimate evil to attain the highest office in the nation.  It is this sin from which they must repent by throwing him out of office or the beatings will continue.

Perhaps the best summary of my thoughts can be found in a post titled Progressive Insanity (2).

What we are witnessing is a collective nervous breakdown by a group that viewed themselves as the perfect-righteous; confronting the cataclysmic reality that over sixty-million citizens disagreed enough to elect their polar opposite to the Presidency.  In fact, enough citizens in states that had for decades voted reliably for the “righteous” politicians turned traitor to righteousness and voted for an “unrighteous bigot.”  This outcome has launched the elite perfect-righteous into a state of mind-shattering cognitive dissonance from which escape will be at the very least painful and difficult.

What has emerged is a group of people who occupy powerful positions in our nation whose personalities have disintegrated and been reconstituted as seemingly undifferentiated components of a massive social justice mob.  They will believe anything, say anything and do anything, in collectivist unison, to destroy the source of this atrocity committed against their sense of perfect-righteousness.

I contend that there is a consistent purpose to all of these examples (and so many more) of hysteria-mongering.  It is this thesis that I will explore in the following posts.

Occasional Confirmations (6)

Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 6.58.45 AM

Yes, Lenninthinkers

In my most recent book I open with a Preface that discusses the quintessential difference between how the contemporary political administrations reacted to the election of Presidents Obama and Trump.  This discussion is intended to raise the question of why in President Obama’s case the peaceful transfer of power occurred but for President Trump we have (and continue to) experienced resistance that appears to sometimes rise to the level of sedition.  This resistance is not limited to the rank and file citizenry but rather runs to the very top of the Democrat Party’s elected officials and Obama appointed leadership of our federal Justice, Intelligence, Revenue and State Department.  It also includes virtually all of our “mainstream media,” and academic institutions, among others.

In this book (and this blog) I have pointed out that, observing their behavior, one could reasonably posit that they are motivated by a Marxist ideological foundation.  While I do include some information beyond behavioral observations, this idea is presented as theoretical.

It turns out that a serious investigative reporter and author has dug deep into the available information concerning the ideological influences and beliefs of this clique of elite Progressive leaders.  What Diana West found is truly stunning.  In her new book, The Red Thread she reports on:

leninthinkersThe first investigation into why a ring of senior Washington officials went rogue to derail the election and the presidency of Donald Trump. There was nothing normal about the 2016 presidential election, not when senior U.S. officials were turning the surveillance powers of the federal government—designed to stop terrorist attacks—against the Republican presidential team. These were the ruthless tactics of a Soviet-style police state, not a democratic republic. The Red Thread asks the simple question: Why? What is it that motivated these anti-Trump conspirators from inside and around the Obama administration and Clinton networks to depart so drastically from “politics as usual” to participate in a seditious effort to overturn an election?

The Amazon book summary then goes on to identify this question’s answer.

Finding clues in an array of sources, Diana West uses her trademark investigative skills, honed in her dazzling work, American Betrayal, to construct a fascinating series of ideological profiles of well-known but little understood anti-Trump actors, from James Comey to Christopher Steele to Nellie Ohr, and the rest of the Fusion GPS team; from John Brennan to the numerous Clintonistas still patrolling the Washington Swamp after all these years, and more. Once, we knew these officials by august titles and reputation; after The Red Thread, readers will recognize their multi-generational and inter-connecting communist and socialist pedigrees, and see them for what they really are: foot-soldiers of the Left, deployed to take down America’s first “America First” and most anti-Communist president. If we just give it a pull, the “red thread” is very long and very deep.

A very good hour-long interview of West about this book can be found at this link.

Obviously one book doesn’t necessarily confirm my Lenenthink theory.  However, the fact that serious people are discovering compelling supporting evidence, and other serious people are taking this hypothesis seriously is a confirmation worth noting.

This development also provides confirmation of my position that our current crisis is existential for our Constitutional Republic as opposed to just another run of the mill political controversy.

The Impeachment: Tragedy to Farce in Record Time (2)


It’s actually much worse than this.  The Democrats simultaneously make both points in their public communications.


As I said in the previous post, my use of the word “farce” to describe the Democrat impeachment mania is not intended to lessen their moral failure, but rather to highlight their pathetic incompetence.

… their intent is pure evil, but their means are so exposed as stupid that it becomes farcical.

Thus, while there was massive tragedy associated with the Brett Kavanaugh debacle, the naked partisanship of the Democrat politicians and their mainstream media (MSM) enablers led them to behave in ludicrous ways.  There was literally no accusation too ridiculous, no yearbook detail too petty that it wasn’t picked up like a Sword of Damocles only to become a wet noodle in their hands.

The Impeachment Farce

When the Democrats, Deep State and MSM decided that President Trump’s phone call with the newly elected president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, would serve as an excellent pretext for (finally!) impeachment, tragedy moved decisively into farce.  This transition occurred when President Trump unexpectedly released the phone call transcript.  The entire impeachment edifice rested on the foundational assumption that the transcript, due to foreign policy and executive privilege issues, would never see the light of day.  Therefore the only source of information about this “crime” would be the secondhand Deep State “whistleblower” complaint and the thirdhand Democrat/MSM accusations.

So when President Trump released the call transcript he blew the wheels out from under the impeachment bandwagon.  But the Democrats were so completely committed and their presumption of MSM protection from public scrutiny was so absolute that they plowed forward anyway.

One noteworthy early incident after the transcript’s release was Chairman Adam Schiff’s attempt to read a completely bogus version into the public record. Chairman Schiff sat down in the House Intelligence Committee’s leadership chair and made up out of thin air a rendition of the President’s conversation.  The made up “transcript” quoted by Chairman Schiff “confirmed” all of the “whistleblower’s” claims.

From this pathetic opening lie the Democrats careened from one idiotic position to another as they attempted to pin an impeachable crime on the President.  We heard endlessly about quid pro quo, until the Democrats’ polling showed public confusion.  From there it was off to bribery and treason, but neither of these actual crimes made it into the final Articles of Impeachment.

What we ended up with was one article so broad and vague (i.e., abuse of power) that every President could have been impeached under it (particularly Barack Obama) and another that was so absurd (i.e., obstruction of Congress, which President Obama repeatedly did without Democrat congressional complaint) that only a Democrat politician could say it with a straight face.  These articles were so pathetic that the House Prosecutors felt obliged to throw every accusation of evil they had ever imagined in their hate-addled brains against the President, some being:

  • Reassertion of the Russian collusion hoax even though the Mueller report had said there was none;
  • Mind reading, where the prosecutors claimed to know what thoughts were in the President’s mind;
  • Wild imagined descriptions of future crimes by the President (e.g., sell Alaska back to the Russians in return for their help to subvert the 2020 election);
  • Claims that the President must prove his innocence rather than they prove his guilt in explicit contradiction of the United States’ legal foundation;
  • Claims that for the duly elected President of the United States to not use “talking points” generated by a bunch of unelected, vain Deep State bureaucrats amounted to treason;
  • Et cetera…

When the whole clown car started careening into the political ditch there was the New York Times with last minute “bombshell” reports based on illegal leaks from the intelligence community’s vetters of the Bolton book manuscript.  However, by this time the coordination between the MSM, Deep State and the Democrat Party had become so transparent that even most elected Republican politicians were able to see it.

And so, on Wednesday, February 5, 2020 every Republican Senator (except Mitt Romney on one article) voted to acquit.

deep-stateIt’s difficult to fathom, let alone describe the hate addled stupidity of what the Democrat Party, Deep State and MSM have done.  They have not convicted or even discredited the President.  His poll numbers stand now at their highest level ever.  What they have accomplished is to unmistakably demonstrate in public their incompetence, dishonesty, mental deficiency and power lust.  I understand that these are not necessarily all negatives in the Progressive movement.  But to a large number of Americans they are appalling.

Clearly the Democrats believe that there exists an electoral majority that supports their program.  If there is then our nation’s life as a republic founded on individual human dignity and liberty is over.  My prayer is that, to the contrary, there exists a persistent majority who will reject these vile Progressive proto-totalitarians.

Defeating Progressivism (4)


The Three Pillars (3)


If, by various and sundry means, your clique has achieved almost undisputed power and prestige, the temptation arises to lean on those accomplishments.  This temptation is magnified considerably if the foundation for these accomplishments is hubris.  In this event the clique members begin to demand acquiescence from the public not because they have demonstrated superior ideas or performance.  Rather, they put on the pretense that their ideas or performance must be accepted because they have acquired power and prestige.

pretenceUnfortunately, once again over time, the public will realize that “the emperor has no clothes.”  That is, the only argument being made by the elite is that they have acquired power and prestige and so therefore must be obeyed.  This realization opens the elite to well deserved contempt.  For rather than demonstrating the truth of their superiority they show themselves to be lazy, incompetent and selfish.

The constant utilization of pretense tempts our Progressive elite to use whatever argument appears to advance their project regardless of how defective or dishonest.  Thus it becomes child’s play to defeat this corrupt clique.  All you need is the courage to demand the issue be decided on the merits and the cloak of pretense is penetrated, revealing nothingness or deception behind it.

Pretense is only potent while the victims believe that there is actual power and prestige behind it.  Once this belief dissolves its power collapses.


The Impeachment Clown Show


From the Babylon Bee

Never before in our nation’s history has the ridiculous and despicable merged so inseparably.  Thank goodness that the Babylon Bee is here to capture this situation in all its pathetic glory.

WASHINGTON, D.C.—In his opening statement at Trump’s impeachment trial, Rep. Adam Schiff reminded the Senate of their solemn duty and the gravity of just what it is they will be discussing at the trial.

Schiff warned that if Trump is not impeached, the American people may have a chance to tamper with the next election.

Some wags are now saying: “The Babylon Bee has become America’s newspaper of record.”  As I have previously pointed out, it has become almost impossible for a parody site to stay ahead of the insanity that grips our supposed elite Progressive class.  Or, as well put by another parody genius across the pond: “Keep up!”

The Impeachment Catastrophe


Adam (Jackman) Schiff and Jerry (Royall) Nadler

Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Jerry Nadler (D-NY) do more in a few words to undermine democracy in the United States than Vladimir Putin has done since he was born.

Adam Schiff:

“As we will discuss, impeachment exists for cases in which the conduct of the president rises beyond mere policies, disputes to be decided otherwise, and without urgency at the ballot box. Instead, we are here today to consider a much more grave matter and that is an attempt to use the powers of the presidency to cheat in an election. For precisely this reason, the president’s misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box, for we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won.”

Jerry Nadler:

“Will you bring Ambassador Bolton here? Will you permit us to present you with the entire record of the president’s misconduct?  Or will you instead choose to be complicit in the president’s cover-up? So far, I’m sad to say, I see a lot of senators voting for a cover-up, voting to deny witnesses, an absolutely indefensible vote, obviously a treacherous vote.”

A Fitting and Prophetic Commentary

Both must have been reared and educated well enough–very well, indeed. What flaws of character or intellectual false turnings had brought them into this ruthless business, he could not tell. They might have commenced, like others, full of humanitarian sentimentality. And then, perhaps, demon ideology, with its imperatives and its inexorable dogmas, its sobersided caricature of religion, had swept them on to horrors. Ideological fanaticism had made of Jackman the goat-man, mastered by lust: but not the lust for women’s bodies. Jackman’s was the libido dominandi, the tormented seeking after power that ceases not until death. And in the flame of that lust for power, Jackman and Royall would be burnt up, today or next week or next month: they were at the end of their devil’s bargain, and the fiend would claim his own.

Old House of Fear by Russell Kirk

Closing Thoughts on 2019

Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 7.37.37 AM

Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled; do not be afraid.

John 14:27

This will be my final post this year (except for Christmas / New Year greetings).

2019 has been an exhausting, dispiriting year.  And, were I to succumb to the demands of the Progressive Left I would say that I am exhausted and dispirited.  They certainly through an avalanche of hatred and shameless deceit attempted to convince me that there is no hope aside from passive submission to their will to power.

Joy Pullmann in a Federalist article titled “Impeachment is Just Another Word for Delusional Democrats Holding the Nation Hostage” well summed up the situation:

Democrats have made it clear they will sandbag the people we’ve elected to govern if we refuse to vote for Democrats. Heads they win, tails we lose. Either we vote for them, or be stuck in an endless parade of overcredentialed and underaccomplished finger-waggers until we’re browbeaten into staying home from elections after concluding that it doesn’t matter who we vote for, the left always wins.

Impeachment grand master Rep. Adam Schiff said it openly on Tuesday: Unless Democrats impeach President Trump, Democrats will consider the 2020 election illegitimate, just like they do 2016.

I won’t revisit all of my arguments regarding why this has happened and what it likely means (but feel free to read my commentary in this year’s posts if curious).

I’m well aware that the Republican Party is only now beginning to, unevenly and vaguely, come to grips with the nature of our nation’s crisis.  We thus should have no expectation that, if they win big in the 2020 election, there will be the intellectual capability and moral courage to drive the necessary reforms.

But the clear deficiencies of the only party in opposition to the Democrats must not blind us to the central point.  That is, the Democrat Party and the Progressive elite / Deep State whom they represent must be utterly defeated for there to be any chance of a national recovery.

The following quote from a Douglas Murray article in the Spectator USA about the vile nature of the Labor Party’s embrace of anti-semitism in the United Kingdom and what needs to be done about it also speaks to our situation in the United States.  If you substitute “Democrat” for “Labor,” “Republican” for “Conservative,” “Democrat Presidential Nominee” for “Jeremy Corbyn,” “United States” for “Britain” and your choice of Democrat national politicians for the various Labor leadership names, the following excerpt becomes an almost perfect statement on what must happen in our 2020 elections.

As I say, I could easily go on. Anyone could. And for those who are still inclined to vote for the Labour party on Thursday perhaps nothing can now be said. They include people who hate the Conservative party and think that they must always vote Labour for tribal reasons. And they include people who think that whatever the unpleasantness that may linger around Corbyn and McDonnell and co it can be put down as a second order of business after the priority of getting the Conservative party out of office.

Well, I would like to make another suggestion. Jeremy Corbyn will lose this election and every effort should be put into ensuring that he loses it big: that what happens on Thursday is not just a defeat, but a defeat of such crushing totality for the Labour party that it takes it years to recover. It should be such a defeat that it is not possible for a Keir Starmer or Emily Thornberry to simply pick up the reins and go back to business as usual. Other left-wing parties may emerge and flourish. But the Labour party must never be forgiven for what it has offered to the public at this election. What Corbyn has brought into the mainstream has toxified Britain and the party that allowed it to happen should be held to account.

Nor should his wider rabble of supporters simply be allowed to slip away. Instead, they should each themselves be held accountable for what they have done — as the Mosley-ites were in the Thirties. All those Labour MPs who decided to support Corbyn because he was the leader that they had. All the weird media creations who have popped up on the television day-after-day (with no identifiable credentials other than brute loyalty or loyalty to a brute). And all those columnists and ‘journalists’ of the left who pretend that they have spent their lives ‘tackling’ racism only to spend recent years campaigning for the most racist force in British politics to gain power and making Britain a pariah among the nations.

For my part I’m working on my fifth eBook, to be published in early 2020 titled The Progressive Riot (see current cover at the top of this post).  I will not be dispirited nor silent in the face of this advancing proto-totalitarian force that currently finds its home in the Democrat Party.

Either we stop it at the ballot box in 2020 and as many times thereafter as necessary or we fight it as citizens reduced to serfs, with little likelihood of success.

What’s at Stake in the 2020 Election? (4)


One source of the Progressive totalitarian impulse

Final Thoughts

A primary driver of practical Progressive political action is the maintenance of that presumption of moral and intellectual superiority built on the theoretical / ideological foundation.  That is, Progressives have a burning compulsion to impose their presumed superiority on the world.  And, the only means of accomplishing this end is the acquisition of power: both political and social.

Progressives seek and then wield that power with a brutality that intimidates the opposition.  This in turn creates an environment in which their expansion of power appears to be inexorable.  However there are many millions of citizens who, though cowed, burn with anger at those who demand their submission by brute political and social force.  These people may appear to be defeated or even in support of the Progressive project.  But they are actually looking for a vehicle through which they can express their internal sense of rejection.

Our contemporary situation is the practical flowering of this conflict.  There is no way to predict which side will prevail.  However the result will likely determine if this nation remains a Constitutional Republic or is transformed into a nation of Masters and Serfs.

What’s at Stake in the 2020 Election? (3)


This is the stark, binary choice that has been presented to us by the Progressive Left in the 2020 election.

The Binary Choice

The choice being presented to the citizens of the United States is simple and stark:

  1. Vote in the Democrat Presidential Candidate and he/she/whatever will view their victory as a mandate to implement the Republic destroying ideas that they campaigned on.
  2. Vote in Donald Trump for a second term and, while the civility of our political discourse will continue to suffer, we will still likely have a Republic in 2024.

Back in 2016 I was deeply concerned that Donald Trump was simply a mirror image of the Progressive political corruption that exploded under Barack Obama’s presidency.  He has rather, in spite of withering, unrelenting resistance by the Democrats (and many Republicans as well), pursued the very Conservative economic and social policies that the “conservative” political establishment (now the “Never-Trumpers”) claimed they supported.  He is also seeking to extract the United States from the seemingly unending, un-winnable wars that have sapped our nation’s morale and strength.  He has kept his campaign promises to a degree that shames most recent politicians, Democrat and Republican alike.  Perhaps that’s another reason that they hate him so.

Make no mistake, if the Democrats win in 2020 under their proto-totalitarian platform, there will likely be little holding back this time.  Expect:

  • a Progressive packed Supreme Court, with 11, 13, however many justices are required to ensure uniform Progressive decisions (or they may simply remove and replace President Trump’s appointees);
  • the Justice Department (including the FBI) and Intelligence Services to become politicized to a far greater degree than they were under President Obama and thus a far greater threat to our civil liberties;
  • by unConstitutional means, for the Electoral College, the First and Second Amendments and the Senate to come under withering attack;
  • our nation’s boarders to be erased, resulting in massive migration from any country by anyone who for whatever reason wants to get in, and, once in, supported by the U.S. taxpayers;
  • an economy devastated by the aggressive deployment of Socialist policies and environmental regulations;
  • the media, social and mainstream, to become even more aggressive and cruel in their assault on any and all people who disagree, or even don’t agree with sufficient fervor;
  • the vicious, murderous physical attacks on and intimidation of non-Progressives by the Progressive proto-Fascist shock troops (i.e., Antifa) and random mobs/individuals will dramatically increase.

One other point.  For all his crudity and bombast, Donald Trump must be one of the most honest men to have attained the Presidency.  The entire apparatus of the Federal Government, Democrat Party and Mainstream Media have been out to find something (anything!) by which to destroy him since at least 2015.  All they have been able to come up with are bogus Dossiers and Whistleblower complaints.  They continue hyper-Ahab-like pursuing their Great White Wale.

The Progressive elite have revealed themselves to be utterly corrupt, incompetent, infantile, narcissistic, self-serving and deceitful.  No self respecting free person should want to be ruled by this cohort of self-lobotomized collectivist ideologues.  And now, for better or worse, it has fallen on Donald Trump to stand between us and their desired proto-totalitarian goals.

As things stand now I will vote for Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election.

What’s at Stake in the 2020 Election? (2)


A reader of this blog will know that I have not been enthusiastic or even supportive of Mr. Trump.  You will also know that in the 2016 Presidential Election I didn’t vote for Mr. Trump (or any other presidential candidate).  However, I have been willing to be convinced that Mr. Trump could earn my support.

In this he has both made progress and fallen short.  His appointments to the Supreme Court, choice of Mr. Barr as the Attorney General, roll-back of overweening government regulations, confrontation of Communist China, support of Israel, insistence on the rule of law at our boarders and in general, and aggressive defiance of the Progressive Left’s assault on our nation’s institutions and founding principles have all been helpful in gaining my support.  However, Mr. Trump’s use of incendiary language can sometimes push our discourse further down the road to perdition and his policies are often changeable from hour to hour when they are not impossible to understand in the first place.

However the decisive contribution to clarifying what is at stake has been made by the elite Progressive Left.  They have staked their claim to eternal power on their having achieved temporary power.  Yes, they have come to dominate virtually all of our national institutions from our classrooms to our boardrooms, from our news sources to our permanent governmental power centers.  And yet, having achieved this power they have demonstrated a level of craven self-dealing, dishonesty, incompetence and contempt that has utterly devastated their credibility as leaders of a self-respecting republic.


Masters and serfs in Medieval feudalism, and the future the Progressive appears to promise to us.

What they offer to those whom they seek to lead is in effect serfdom.  What they claim as their divine right is lordship.  The citizens of this Republic do not, in the elite Progressive Left’s opinion, have the right to elect someone to the Presidency who opposes their interests and policies.  Our so-called democracy is a sham in which the populace either votes to confirm the Progressive Left’s anointed candidate or has their wrong choice vetoed and removed by the power elite.

Now that this nation’s citizens have made such a stupid error (in the Progressives’ “enlightened” opinion) by electing Mr. Trump to the Presidency the elite Progressive Left has lost all confidence in them.  Therefore the foundations of our Republic must be demolished so as to prevent such idiocy from reoccurring.  The First and Second Amendments to the Constitution must go.  The Electoral College and Senate must go.  The fact that there is virtually zero chance that these demolitions can be accomplished by Constitutional means is irrelevant.  The elite Progressive Left will somehow impose them by exercise of their raw power.  They have promised as much to their rabid collectivist base.  They will either deliver or face their unhinged wrath.

This shocking position by our Progressive elite class has created a binary decision election that will be discussed in the next post.