We Are Being Gaslit (4)


The next two gaslighting techniques from Psychology Today are:

5. Form Codependent Relationships. The Oxford Dictionary defines codependency as “excessive emotional or psychological reliance on a partner.” In a gaslighting relationship, the gaslighter elicits constant insecurity and anxiety in the gaslightee, thereby pulling the gaslightee by the strings. …

6. Give False Hope. As a manipulative tactic, the gaslighter will occasionally treat the victim with mildness, moderation, and even superficial kindness or remorse, to give the gaslightee false hope. …

Anyone paying attention will recognize the pattern of the MSM inducing “insecurity and anxiety” in the general public.  We are constantly bombarded with “the world is ending!” narratives, for example Global Warming!, Pandemic!, Murder Hornets!, Russia Collusion!, Nooses!, and on and on.  This unrelenting flood of anxiety inducing stories keeps the American public on edge, and for the more credulous and misinformed in a state of constant upset.

This media induced state of mind renders us more vulnerable to manipulative narratives that push us towards the ceding of responsibility and liberty to the “false hope” providers, who invariably are government (world or national) organizations.  The underlying message is that we are constantly beset with world ending threats that only an ever more powerful government is capable of thwarting.

As a consequence, over time our self-confidence and self-reliance are diminished.  The scope of our independent action shrinks accordingly, leaving us ever more dependent on the judgement and policies of remote, anonymous elites.

Unless we intervene to disrupt this cycle of crisis, anxiety and solution this process will continue until we have ceded so much freedom that recovery becomes exceedingly difficult and painful.  It’s possible that we are already past the point of no return.  Perhaps the 2020 election will provide conclusive data on where we actually stand.

A Disturbing Event at Wheaton College (3)


The Rev. Timothy Blackmon

The Rev. Blackmon Makes His Case

The Chicago Tribune published an article today in which Rev. Blackmon explains why he is in dispute with Wheaton College.  Here are his answers to the specific charges:

Tim Blackmon on Thursday not only took issue with the college’s statement this week of specific allegations against him, but also objected to the college’s statement that “he did not dispute that he said or did any of these things.”

“I have categorically denied (these allegations) from the beginning, because they are a complete misconstrual of the comments,” Blackmon said.

In an interview Thursday, Blackmon, who is Black, called his conversation with the chaplain’s office employee a “commiseration” over the realities of them working as people of color at Wheaton College, and that it was an “act of hospitality” between two minorities at the predominantly white institution.

He said the book in question, “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Kama Sutra,” was shared with him by a prankster at his last job in the Netherlands, and that there was “no ill intent” in him having it in his office.

“There’s a book almost just like it at Wheaton College’s Buswell Library,” he said. “Of course it’s a foolish thing. I was just sharing a prank.”

And Blackmon insisted that the allegation that he had asked an employee to sit on his lap is “absolutely false.”

I’m a bit perplexed by the vagueness of Rev. Blackmon’s explanation concerning the inappropriate racial comment.  For example, would it have hurt his cause to provide more context and detail about the “act of hospitality” between himself and the other chaplain’s office employee?

I’m troubled by his explanation about “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Kama Sutra” being in his office.  Certainly there may be a more relaxed attitude towards sex in the Netherlands, but even so one would expect greater care being taken to understand the sensitivities at a U.S. Christian college before displaying such an item.

The Tribune article is frustrating on numerous fronts.  For example, it adds nothing to the mystery concerning when the incidents in question happened or the timeframe over which Wheaton College conducted its review.  But most frustrating is the lack of a theory by Rev. Blackmon (or his attorney) for Wheaton College’s supposed actual motive(s) for the firing.

While I remain critical of Wheaton College’s handing of this matter, the Rev. Blackmon hasn’t provided much in the way of a compelling counter view.  Wheaton College has said that it won’t provide any more public comments.  So, either this sad event will remain murky or will go to court.

A Disturbing Event at Wheaton College (2)


The Rev. Timothy Blackmon and Wheaton College are in a dispute

Some Answers, Even More Questions

In a previous post I discussed my concerns about the recent firing of the Rev. Timothy Blackmon by Wheaton College.  The Daily Herald published a followup article on July 9 titled “After ousted chaplain threatens lawsuit, Wheaton College details why it fired him.”  Although there is more detail in the article, these two excerpts contain the key elements of the dispute.

In a statement released Wednesday, the Rev. Timothy Blackmon said he was “blindsided” when he learned of Title IX investigations in response to complaints from Wheaton College staff members. In his statement, Blackmon, who was the sixth chaplain in the college’s history, said the comments in question were spoken in a public setting in 2015 and 2016. His ouster became public on July 3.

Moore’s statement alleges Blackmon used an ethnic slur against an Asian American employee, made graphic sexual comments to a married female employee, circulated a lewd meme, and arranged to have an illustrated manual of sexual positions placed on a female staff member’s desk.

While Wheaton College’s description of the statements and actions by the Rev. Blackmon appear to be on the order of “gross, vicious sexual and/or racial attacks,” I can’t shake the uneasiness discussed in the previous post.  In particular, the following issues remain troubling.

  1. If as claimed by the Rev. Blackmon the incidents that led to his firing occurred in 2015 and 2016 and are as clearly serious as claimed by Wheaton College then:
    • Why did it take 4-5 years for Wheaton College to take action?
    • Why did the college feel the need to bring in outside consultants to determine if these were firing offenses?
  2. On July 4 the college  stated that they refused to share any details with the public because of sensitivity to the feelings of those involved.  And yet, just five days later, the college chose to share these salacious details.  This hardly strikes me as the actions of an institution that lives up to its stated principles.  Rather, it looks more like a “first strike” attempt to demolish the Rev. Blackmon’s reputation because he is threatening a lawsuit.

Obviously I still don’t know where the truth and justice lie in this situation.  Perhaps Wheaton College will be completely vindicated if this ever goes to court.  But nothing that the college has said in the initial and followup public statements gives me confidence that this is assuredly the case.

We Are in a State of Hysteria Over COVID-19 (4)


COVID-19 Cases and Deaths vs. Time (Cases Top and Deaths Bottom Plot)

Media Gaslighting Edition

Data Analysis

Everywhere you look the mainstream media (MSM) is hysterically reporting on the recent significant increase in COVID-19 cases.  The unstated assumption is that there is a direct relationship between cases and deaths (with a time delay).  The above figure shows daily COVID-19 cases and deaths on a linear scale.  While it’s easy to see the increase in cases after June 9, it’s virtually impossible to see what’s happening to deaths because they are so low.  Thus, even if the MSM showed the above plot their customers would be unable to see what is happening to deaths.

However, if we plot the same case and death data using a Log scale (see below) we can see the plot details for both.

Note that the death plot is clearly showing that the number of fatalities has been consistently falling since mid-April.  Thus, while the number of COVID-19 cases has recently significantly increased, the number of deaths has continued to fall.  This trend is confirmed using data from ourworldindata.org data.


COVID-19 Deaths vs. Time (ourworldindata.org)

The blue plot is the raw number of COVID-19 deaths per day.  Since the raw daily data is highly variable I have included a moving seven-day average (see the dotted red plot).  Note that this weekly average peaks at just over 2,500 on April 21 and generally decreases after that, with just over 500 deaths on July 7.

This result (i.e., increasing cases but decreasing deaths) seems counter-intuitive until we recall the following figure from an earlier post on this topic.  Note the drastic decrease in number of deaths per 100,000 cases as age decreases.

Thus, the mechanism by which cases can increase while deaths decreases can be posited, that being the average age of the recent cases is lower than in the past.  Of course the treatment protocols have likely also improved over time, thus also lowering the death rate.


I refer to gaslighting because this is just another example of how the MSM and Progressive politicians manipulate information with the intention of:

maintaining and intensifying an incessant stream of lies and coercions, the gaslighter keeps the gaslightees in a constant state of insecurity, doubt, and fear.

Remember how, at the beginning of all this the goal was to “flatten the curve” for a few weeks so that hospitals would not be overwhelmed?  Then the goalposts were repeatedly moved to extend the scope, depth and length of the lockdown.

But something had to give, as keeping a nation of 330 million inhabitants in their homes indefinitely is an impossible task (at least in a somewhat free society).  So states began reopening at different rates, resulting in people congregating in bars and beaches (among other places).  We also had the massive protests (and riots) where generally young people mixed in large crowds without social distancing.

Thus there could be no other logical consequence of these events than an increase in cases.  Only a group of “experts” as ideologically lobotomized as our public health officials could imagine that the virus’ spread was ideologically dependent.

However, since the average age of these cases is likely lower, the number of deaths per case has also continued to decline (as well as from improved treatment protocols).  Obviously past performance is no guarantee of future results.  But this highly selective use of information to maintain hysteria about the threat of COVID-19 is without doubt part of the gaslighting campaign that occurs constantly and on many fronts in the United States.

Something Wicked This Way Comes (1)

We should all know better by now than to ignore the more outlandish statements of the Progressive Left.  They have been so emboldened by their monopoly of our institutions that they no longer even pretend to hide their intentions.  Make no mistake, they are telling us what they intend to do should they by one means or another regain power.  So, stop pretending that these views into their wicked minds are unrepresentative of the Progressive Left’s true intentions.

More Hatred for White Women


This Tweet (since deleted) is by an employee of The Washington Post


Remember this image?

No, they aren’t calling for revenge…yet.

Sorry Progressive Billionaires, the Alligator Won’t Eat You Last

Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 6.24.26 AM

On Sunday, instigators camped out in front of the home of Jeff Bezos with that quintessential symbol of the French Revolution — the guillotine.

Drew Hernandez, host of the web show “Lives Matter,” shared horrifying footage of a guillotine in front of Bezos’s house in Washington, D.C. Bezos, the founder of Amazon.com and the world’s richest person, now owns The Washington Post.

A sign in front of the guillotine read, “Support our poor communities, not our wealthy men.”

“When they become threatened, and we have no voice, the knives come out,” one masked rioter declared before the guillotine. Spectators applauded loudly.

Yes, these are the best intentioned people just trying to improve our nation.

Democrat Party: Celebrating Independence Day at Mount Rushmore is an Act of White Supremacy


Also a since deleted Tweet, this time by the official Democrat Party account.

Don’t pretend this didn’t happen.

We Are Being Gaslit (3)


The next two gaslighting techniques from Psychology Today are:

3. Escalate When Challenged. When called on their lies, the gaslighter escalates the dispute by doubling and tripling down on their attacks, refuting substantive evidence with denial, blame, and more false claims (misdirection), sowing doubt and confusion.  …

4. Wear Out the Victim. By staying on the offensive, the gaslighter eventually wears down their victim, who becomes discouraged, resigned, pessimistic, fearful, debilitated, and self-doubting. The victim begins to question her or his own perception, identity, and reality.

With the pathetic collapse of the “Russia Collusion” lie our tormentors moved on to demonstrate gaslighting techniques three and four.  There were no apologies from Democrat politicians for lying continually for three years about convicting but secret “evidence.”  Nor did any mainstream media organization ask forgiveness for their purposeful role in ginning up and sustaining this big lie.  No, like the sharks that they are they simply kept swimming forward looking for the next opportunity to feed on the (decreasing) credulity of the American public.

They found their bloody carcass in a supposed “complaint” by some little apparatchik who heard second hand about a Presidential conversation with the President of Ukraine.  I have previously discussed what happened next in the series of posts titled “The Impeachment: Tragedy to Farce in Record Time.”

What interests me here is the perfect correspondence between gaslighting techniques three and four and what our Progressive elites actually did.  They “escalate[d] the dispute by doubling and tripling down,” attempting to “wear down their victim” (that is, we non-Progressives) by causing us to question our own “perception, identity, and reality.”

When the Impeachment folly collapsed into the same pile of rubbish as had the Collusion  lie, the Progressive elite, once again, continued swimming forward without the slightest acknowledgement of the destruction that they had caused.  In particular, while the Impeachment Coup was winding down, with our nation’s attention transfixed on this idiocy, the COVID-19 virus was rising in China and spreading around the world.  So, a Presidential administration, Congress, the press and the public’s attention was diverted from a real and present public health threat to a pathetic partisan farce.

The Progressive elite will never admit fault in any of this.  No, they will go on tripling and quadrupling down on vile, evil lies in hope that this time the American public will break down, whimpering for leadership from these wicked morons.  Who knows, they may succeed…for awhile at least.


Ideological hatred makes you stupid…and viciously dangerous.

A Disturbing Event at Wheaton College

The Rev. Timothy Blackmon

The Rev. Timothy Blackmon

Yesterday I was shocked and saddened to read this story in the Daily Herald newspaper.

Wheaton College President Philip Ryken said in an email to students and faculty Friday that chaplain Timothy Blackmon has been fired for “inappropriate comments and actions of a racial and sexual nature” toward staff members.   …

Ryken wrote in his email that the college hired “external professionals” to investigate allegations against Blackmon.

“The investigation revealed conduct inconsistent with Wheaton’s policies and commitments. Following this investigation and adjudication, as well as a trustee review process, Tim Blackmon is no longer employed at Wheaton College,” the email read. “Because of the unique role of the Chaplain as one of Wheaton’s primary spiritual leaders, we believe it is important to share this information with the campus community. In deference to the confidentiality of multiple parties in a personnel process, though, we do not plan to provide additional information beyond this message and encourage our community to respect the privacy of the individuals involved.”

The Rev. Blackmon has been a guest preacher at my local church on numerous occasions, so there is a personal connection here that magnifies the impact of this particular incident.  Obviously I don’t know any of the details behind this event.  However, I do know what Wheaton College has chosen to communicate publicly, and find it disturbing.

Yes, I can conceive of circumstances in which the level of privacy chosen by Wheaton College may be appropriate.  However, there is no avoiding the consequence that, by shielding the details from public disclosure, the college has left the Rev. Blackmon’s reputation to the imaginations of anyone who happens to hear about this incident.  This seems grossly unfair to me.

I see three likely reasons why this level of privacy is demanded by Wheaton College, those being:

  1. The verbal conduct in question is indeed so damaging and painful that any further public disclosure would be destructive to all involved;
  2. The verbal conduct in question would be highly controversial, with some strongly supporting the decision and others strongly opposing;
  3. The college is ashamed of its conduct, knowing that were the details made public the institution would suffer grave damage to its reputation.

At the very least Wheaton College should be more specific regarding the reasons for this level of privacy.

Were this event to have occurred a decade or more ago I would have been predisposed to take the College at its word.  However, given the “cancel culture” experience of the past few years it has become difficult to give any institution the benefit of the doubt in these matters.

We are all well aware that a statement as obviously true as “all lives matter” or that “sex is real” can be cause for firing in today’s environment.  Thus, the college’s statement that “inappropriate comments and actions of a racial and sexual nature” covers a scope that may or may not be defensible.  For example, were these statements gross, vicious sexual and/or racial attacks then the vast majority of people would agree with the firing.

Perhaps the Rev. Blackmon is free to eventually comment publicly on this event.  Perhaps the college has induced him to sign a non-disclosure agreement that will forever prevent him from public comment.  Perhaps someone who knows the details will someday make them public.  Perhaps we will never know what happened.

My current predisposition is towards the assumption of craven cowardice and bad faith by our major institutions.  So, while I will withhold judgement, I will also fear for the worst by Wheaton College in this shocking event.

Fourth of July, 2020


I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

The Senate Oath of Office

We the people must cease expecting that our leaders will follow this oath of their own volition.  Most of them are either actively and purposefully working against it or are pretending to support it while, at best, doing nothing.  The leaders of whom I speak go all the way from our local institutions to the highest positions of State and Federal power.  These people are hollow men and women who look only to their elite peers for guidance and approval.  They work to please institutions of big business, media and education.  It’s time that we the people openly, loudly and persistently demand that they begin again to support this oath or they will be thrown out of office.  They will not fight for us and for our Republic unless we the people demand that they do.

Stand up American citizens and shout your demands!  Drown out the pathetic nobodies


Hong Kong freedom protesters wave the American flag.

whose only skill is moral preening and destruction.  These miseducated narcissists can’t build anything of value or permanence.  We the people have built families, businesses, communities, churches and a Republic that shines like a star.  They pursue a black hole that has consumed 100 million lives and destroyed the hope of billions.  Only the wicked and/or moronic could seek to try Socialism yet again.

Their desired future is one of death, serfdom and the pursuit of raw power.  Ours is one of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Stand up today for the United States of America!

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.