About Mark Birchler

To some the intense Christian nature of this site may seem at odds with my vocation as an electrical engineer.  Although many in the engineering and science professions are Christians, there is still an assumed tension between the empirical and spiritual domains occupied by individuals operating under these worldviews.  However, this is an artificial dichotomy.  Western science emerged from the Christian worldview that saw order in creation and believed that God had endowed humankind with the reason by which it could be discovered.  From the other end, we find radical materialists continuing to fall short in their quest to explain human consciousness and will within the limitations of their own assumptions.  So, we move forward, trusting that our faith has nothing to fear from the truth to be discovered by science.  Finally, we know without doubt that science is powerless to bring comfort at our deepest point of need, to answer the fundamental questions of life and to offer salvation from our sins.

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