Biblical Interpretation Considered (2)


Souls Entangled in Mortality and God’s Providential Grace

There is great value in examining ourselves as we seek to understand the nature of our souls and the ends to which God has directed them. There is also great value in sharing our experiences with trusted Christians to gain broader understanding and deeper insights. We are certainly doing well by so doing. However, if this is our primary focus then we have bypassed the testimony that is of ultimate authority in these matters.

There are a few mere mortals in the Bible whose story God has chosen to share in a depth and intimacy that illuminates these issues in blazing light, if only we will pay attention. Some of these people are Abraham and Sarah, David, and the Apostles John, Paul and Peter. Their stories show us how actual human lives have been lived that are inexorably tangled by mortal cares and yet simultaneously redeemed and sustained by God’s eternal acts of providence.

Carefully, prayerfully reading these stories will not answer every question or make clear all the complexities and confusions of our lives. But they will show us great truths about ourselves, our God and the world that light our paths and strengthen our faith.

You can find my commentary on some of these mere mortals in the following resources:

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