Failure of the Conservative Imagination (1)


As any reader of this blog knows I’m appalled by and critical of the Progressive movement in all of its forms.  However, as a believing Reformed Christian I also am convinced that neither I nor those who theologically / politically agree with me occupy a position of arbitrary moral superiority.  If we do in some respects live by higher moral standards then it is only by the sanctifying power of God that is completely unearned by any inherent merit.  Therefore, it is only right and proper that we should inquire into the guilt that we bear for the wreckage of our civilization.

Guilt can take many forms and occurs at many levels.  The fact that we admit guilt for a tragic situation need not diminish that of others.  But we who consider ourselves to be “conservatives,” “traditionalists” and the “orthodox” have certainly contributed to the civilizational wreckage which is becoming obvious to all but the purposefully blind.

There are many dimensions that could be addressed, from our acceptance of prosperity built on ever accumulating debt to creeping acceptance of ideas that have undermined our morals.  But the dimension that has recently bubbled to the surface is the lack of imagination that has enabled us to accept a false facade of consensus behind which lies true intentions.

To become specific, we conservatives have for far too long insisted on pretending that our disagreements with the Progressive movement centered on the means to achieve commonly shared ends (e.g., the reduction of poverty).  We also assumed that there was a shared devotion to the Constitutional framework undergirding our nation’s political and civil life.  Of course there are many people who consider themselves to be Progressive for whom these assumptions remain valid.  However, this fact doesn’t mean that the elite power brokers of the Progressive movement share this mindset.  It can simply mean that their deception encompasses a larger cohort than non-Progressives.

But with the COVID-19 crisis the Progressive elite’s masks have been completely (by themselves!) removed.  Take for example:Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 5.53.41 AM

I could go on, but the point is made.  That being the Progressive Left is using this crisis to seize the power over U.S. citizens that had previously been out of reach.  Their behavior seems irrational because it is destroying the very economy that funds all of their beloved government programs.  But that may be a small price to pay for the destruction of the independent people and businesses who stand in the way of full Progressive political victory.

If we want to save our Constitutional Republic then we must abandon the fantasy that the elite Progressive Left shares any of our goals or values.  Yes, they remain our fellow citizens.  But they are “fellows” who are seeking the utter destruction of our nation so that it can be “rebuilt” as Socialist and totalitarian.  We should try to convince Progressives of good intentions that this would be a disaster for their humane goals.  We must defeat the Progressive Left politically so that this current power grab is only a temporary blip on this nation’s life of liberty and human hope.

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