Defeating Progressivism (2)


The Three Pillars (1)

The three pillars of Progressivism are built on the foundation of hubris.  For over sixty years these pillars have supported the advancement of Progressives into international,  national and local leadership and then sustained their position once achieved.



This pillar is central because without it the other two pillars would immediately crumble and fall.  Progressives don’t view power as the exercise of a temporary responsibility.  Rather they worship power as their only acknowledged reality.

For example, within the theory of postmodernism the demise of any ultimate Truth and the meaningless of language leads to the conclusion that the only thing separating one position from another is the power wielded by those in contention.

… postmodernists hold “that truth is ‘socially constructed,’ so not only is there is no capital-T Truth that stands outside the individual or society, but all meaning is up for grabs in a contest to see which ‘stories’ will define our civilization. Ultimately this means truth becomes a political question about who wields power rather than an investigation into anything eternal or external to our own perspectives.”

That is, power is the only legitimate arbitrator of truth.  Thus, since Progressives view themselves as the carriers of ultimate “truth,” they are morally compelled to seek the power by which that “truth” can become supreme.

The practical embodiment of this power is what Progressive politicians, media and educators call “the narrative.” “The narrative” is that temporary constraining lens through which any information must pass prior to public distribution.  For example, the “Republicans are racist” narrative transforms events in which race plays a role into morality plays where “Republicans” are always the oppressors.

“The narrative” also serves to separate those stories that are presented to the public from those that are hidden.  That is, any true story that doesn’t “support the narrative” must be suppressed regardless of its relevance or importance.

It is by exercise of this power that Progressives have so successfully shaped and led public opinion.  However, the public, over time, has noticed the growing discrepancy between “the narrative” and what they experience.  They have also noticed how “the narrative” can flip 180 degrees overnight if necessary to advance or maintain Progressive power.  Therefore, this once solid pillar is showing unmistakable signs of decay.

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