The Impeachment Coup


What we are witnessing in the nation’s capital is nothing less than a continuing coup disguised as a Presidential impeachment.  I have previously discussed the actions taken by our Justice Department, Intelligence Community, Democrat  politicians and presidential candidates, and now our State Department to undermine and ultimately remove a duly elected President of the United States.  By so doing they have in effect claimed that the power of unelected bureaucrats and a losing political party trumps that of the citizens of the United States in determining who occupies the office of President.

This fraudulent, evil farce is being foisted upon the American people less that one year from a presidential election in which the citizens can decide if President Trump should serve a second term.  This current attempted fraud comes on the heels of previous pathetically failed frauds all intended to bring down the President by undemocratic means, some of these being:

  • flipping Elector votes from Trump to Clinton
  • the Steel dossier
  • the Mueller investigation
  • the voting-machines-hoax
  • the Logan Act
  • the Emoluments Clause
  • the 25th Amendment
  • the McCabe-Rosenstein-Comey collusion
  • various Michael Avenatti-Stormy Daniels-Michael Cohen accusations
  • and now, the Ukraine accusations by disgruntled intelligence and State Department officials.

All of these assaults were based on purposeful deception and outright lies.  And yet we are expected to presume that the Democrat Party, the deep state and the mainstream media have the moral and intellectual credibility necessary to take seriously their latest charges.

I have previously suggested that a credible model for this cabal’s thought process is “Leninthink.”  Given the show trial mentality exhibited by the Congressional Democrats and bureaucratic witnesses this designation is now confirmed.  However, if we search history to find the slogan that most accurately conveys their primary operating principle one is inexorably drawn to the Fascist motto of Benito Mussolini:

Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state

It shouldn’t be surprising that the proto-totalitarians operating in the United States should have blended previous ideologies into a unique American version that best serves their needs and is most easily sold to a large cohort of our public.

The election of Donald Trump brought to the Presidency a man who rejected the power and position of our national elite establishment.  The citizens of the United States had every right to vote in a Chief Executive intent on changing the nation’s direction.  They also have every right to decide in 2020 that President Trump has failed and/or the Democrats offer a better option.

But that’s not how our Leninist/Fascist elites see things.  No, they are attempting to demonstrate to the electorate that they own a veto over any President who they deem to be unfit.  And by “unfit” understand “not beholden to their power and position.”

Can there be any doubt that, if they are successful in destroying the Trump presidency they will act to prevent such a challenge by the nation’s citizens from ever again occurring?  They have told us outright that our First and Second Amendment rights will be curtailed if not erased.  The Electoral College and the Senate will go into history’s trash heap (while simultaneously claiming that their impeachment mania is a defense of the Constitution!).  The nation’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies may begin to operate as a defacto secret police.  Any citizen who dares voice non-approved political ideas will be subject to loss of their good name and livelihood at the whim of a Progressive social media mob.

It’s time to take our heads out of the sand and look straight into the abyss of evil that is being offered to us as the alternative to our messy but liberty-protecting Constitutional Republic.  If we don’t stand up to and peacefully defeat this outrageous, monstrous wicked cabal in 2020 then we may have lost the opportunity to do so thereafter.

If you believe that I’m right (or near-to-right), please think, speak, organize and vote accordingly.  If you think that I’m wrong, please consider the possibility that someday those who consider you to be guilty of “wrong-think” inherit the governmental powers that you now seek for yourselves.

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