Progressives Declare Mob Rule (2)


Top: Loretta Lynch, John Brennan and James Clapper.  Bottom: Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff.


Rep. Steve Scalise near death and Progressive billboard

Although none of the above incidents ended in violence, this was not always the case.  A

Bernie Sanders supporter, James T. Hodgkinson, in 2017 carefully planed and then conducted an attempted mass murder of Congressional Republicans.  He came within a hair’s breadth of achieving the greatest political mass murder in American history.  After Steve Scalise survived near death from the shooting a Progressive PAC proposed a billboard with the message “Take out Scalise.”  

Nor should we overlook the brutal from behind surprise attack by Senator Rand Paul’s neighbor, also in 2017.  With regard to the physical attack itself:

The Associated Press story described how injuries like this “can lead to life-threatening injuries,” with pain lingering for “weeks or months.”

Sen. Paul’s attacker “was a socialist who frequently fought with neighbors about health care policies and other liberal issues.”

rand paul attacked

Senator Rand Paul after brutal surprise attack

A contemporary Rip Van Winkle, awakening in 2017 would have assumed that these near catastrophic events would give Progressives pause about their violent rhetoric.  But nothing of the sort happened.  A year later, undeterred by these violent events, Maxine Waters was declaring Progressive mob rule without the slightest concern about where it could lead.

The mob rule mentality isn’t limited to public confrontations and violent language.  No, the institutions of our federal government were transformed into weapons by which opponents to Progressive rule could be discredited, destroyed and imprisoned.  In particular:

  • The IRS, the most feared department in the U.S. government, was used to harass, demoralize and delay citizen groups seeking to exercise their Constitutional right of free political speech.
  • The Justice Department used an unverified political opposition research document from one Hillary Clinton’s campaign to obtain secret warrants to spy on the other Donald Trump’s campaign during an election.
  • The FBI’s top leadership and investigators intervened in an election on the side of Hillary Clinton to discredit Donald Trump.
  • A Special Prosecutor’s office was created by bureaucrats appointed by the Obama administration not to investigate a publicly defined potential crime, but rather to search for a crime (i.e., “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.“).  That office used its virtually unlimited power to capriciously destroy the lives of individuals from one the Republican party for “process crimes” (e.g., claims that they lied to the FBI or Congress) while utterly ignoring these same crimes in the Democrat party.
  • The nation’s spy agencies, the CIA, NSA, etc. were used to spy on not just American citizens (totally illegal), but also Donald Trump’s campaign (anti-democratic and also totally illegal).  They also, when Trump won, massively leaked sensitive national intelligence information to discredit the new President.
  • Ex high ranking Obama Administration officials traffic in emotionally explosive rhetoric against the next duly elected President.
    • Ex-Attorney General Loretta Lynch made a video that was distributed by the Senate Democrats that claimed without a shred of evidence that “our rights are being assaulted” and the only remedy is street protest up to and including blood and death.
    • Ex-CIA Director John Brennan tweeted that President Trump is “treasonous” and “in the pocket of Putin.”
    • Ex-DNI James Clapper claims that President Trump is a Russian asset (i.e., a Russian spy) on national cable television.
  • The drive to impeach President Trump by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff is being conducted outside any pretense to due process.

The mentality that justifies this resort to mob rule is on the move and growing in power.  For those of us who believed that the foundations of our republic were generally sound this development has come as a terrible shock.

We need to get over it and acknowledge the truth.  The Progressive Left is attempting to impose mob rule in this nation.  If they are successful then the next step will be the disenfranchisement of all citizens through destruction of at least their First and Second Constitutional Amendment rights.  Beyond that will be the permanent establishment of a soft police state dedicated to the continuance of Progressive elite power.

Only the utterly disinterested or willfully blind among non-Progressives can doubt what is currently at play here in the United States.  If we don’t peacefully defeat this movement in public debate and at the ballot box then we may be forced to face the possibility of an actual civil war in our streets and homes.

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