Remembering My Father


Our father taught us many wonderful things. He did so by what he said, but even more by how he lived. Some of the lessons for which we give thanks are:

  • Love is an inexhaustible resource that is equal in magnitude for each child, but that is given in unique ways to each child.

  • Commitments are real and permanent, not transient feelings or good intentions.

  • The Christian faith is not just a set of theological doctrines, but also a practical and blessed way of life.

  • We are not limited by our beginnings or our faults, but can pursue our hopes and dreams, trusting in God’s providential purposes.

  • We should appreciate and cultivate beauty.

  • Hard work is both an expectation and a joy.

  • Never stop asking questions and seeking new knowledge.

  • Test your ideas through substantive, respectful discussion, always remaining open to the possibility that new information can change past opinions.

  • Do what is right simply because it is right.

  • Take constructive action to make the world a better place.

These and many more lessons live within us, and will keep our beloved father close to us always.

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