What’s at Stake in the 2020 Election? (2)


A reader of this blog will know that I have not been enthusiastic or even supportive of Mr. Trump.  You will also know that in the 2016 Presidential Election I didn’t vote for Mr. Trump (or any other presidential candidate).  However, I have been willing to be convinced that Mr. Trump could earn my support.

In this he has both made progress and fallen short.  His appointments to the Supreme Court, choice of Mr. Barr as the Attorney General, roll-back of overweening government regulations, confrontation of Communist China, support of Israel, insistence on the rule of law at our boarders and in general, and aggressive defiance of the Progressive Left’s assault on our nation’s institutions and founding principles have all been helpful in gaining my support.  However, Mr. Trump’s use of incendiary language can sometimes push our discourse further down the road to perdition and his policies are often changeable from hour to hour when they are not impossible to understand in the first place.

However the decisive contribution to clarifying what is at stake has been made by the elite Progressive Left.  They have staked their claim to eternal power on their having achieved temporary power.  Yes, they have come to dominate virtually all of our national institutions from our classrooms to our boardrooms, from our news sources to our permanent governmental power centers.  And yet, having achieved this power they have demonstrated a level of craven self-dealing, dishonesty, incompetence and contempt that has utterly devastated their credibility as leaders of a self-respecting republic.


Masters and serfs in Medieval feudalism, and the future the Progressive appears to promise to us.

What they offer to those whom they seek to lead is in effect serfdom.  What they claim as their divine right is lordship.  The citizens of this Republic do not, in the elite Progressive Left’s opinion, have the right to elect someone to the Presidency who opposes their interests and policies.  Our so-called democracy is a sham in which the populace either votes to confirm the Progressive Left’s anointed candidate or has their wrong choice vetoed and removed by the power elite.

Now that this nation’s citizens have made such a stupid error (in the Progressives’ “enlightened” opinion) by electing Mr. Trump to the Presidency the elite Progressive Left has lost all confidence in them.  Therefore the foundations of our Republic must be demolished so as to prevent such idiocy from reoccurring.  The First and Second Amendments to the Constitution must go.  The Electoral College and Senate must go.  The fact that there is virtually zero chance that these demolitions can be accomplished by Constitutional means is irrelevant.  The elite Progressive Left will somehow impose them by exercise of their raw power.  They have promised as much to their rabid collectivist base.  They will either deliver or face their unhinged wrath.

This shocking position by our Progressive elite class has created a binary decision election that will be discussed in the next post.

What’s at Stake in the 2020 Election? (1)


Framing the Question

There has been so much drama and so many accusations over the past four years that it’s difficult to identify let alone assess just what’s at stake in the 2020 election.  For many citizens who have only a modest interest in politics it might seem that our nation is teetering on the brink of something vaguely bad.  But bad in what way?

Also, just why almost a year away should anyone be paying attention?  After all, there are so many issues pressing in upon us like our family life, work, social events and media, entertainment, etc. that it may seem premature to ask this question.

However, I believe that precisely because of the sheer volume of events it is already possible to determine what’s at stake.  For the election of Donald Trump has ripped the thin veneer of faux consensus off of our politics.  What had previously appeared to be a gray, impenetrable fog of posturing by Democrats and Republican politicians with unspoken assumptions and ill defined goals is now out in the open.  If we care about the future of this nation then it’s vital that we look at the two distinct and irreconcilable visions that are now contending for political primacy.

One vision contends that the nation’s institutions of power should be populated by that cohort of people who self-identify as Progressive elites.  And, the nation’s citizens should commit to follow the lead of this elite cohort regardless of the consequences to these non-elite’s interests.

The other vision contends that the elite cohort who occupy our institutions of power have abandoned any real allegiance to the nation and rather pursue self-serving policies.  And, the nation’s citizens are therefore obliged to correct this defect by exercise of their democratic power.

The elite class sees this populist push back as an existential threat to their power and well being, so their response has been visceral.  The unhappy citizens, seeing the raw exercise of power and ludicrous behavior of the elites, have lost virtually all respect for this self-appointed clique.

The elites are banking on the hope that there are enough people in the voting public who still respect their opinion that an electoral majority can be constructed that will throw out the populist President (and his supporters).  The populists hope that the behavior of the elites has destroyed enough respect or allegiance in the general population to ensure their electoral defeat.

I have no ideal whose hope is better founded.  I do contend that the chasm between the elites and citizens has become un-ignorable and un-bridgeable.

For the past couple of generations the nation has papered over the stark difference in vision between those who call themselves Progressives and those who (for a variety of reasons in a variety of organizations) oppose them.  This “papering-over” consisted primarily in the assumption that we all shared similar goals but differed on how to achieve them.  The realization that this assumption no longer holds is driving the nation towards a binary choice between preserving or destroying our republic.  This new reality creates a new dynamic in our politics, both in who runs and how voters choose.

Thoughts About “Questions for Socialists” (2)

Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg speaking at the United Nations

I’m happy to report that there is at least one adult alive who dares to correct Greta Thunberg’s ignorant presumption.  Jason D. Hill is professor of philosophy at DePaul University in Chicago.  In an open letter to Greta Thunberg he provides a scathing rebuke to this girl and to her enablers.  The following short excerpt provides a sampling of his position.

You proclaim that we need to live within the planetary boundaries, to focus on equity and “take a few steps back” for the sake of all living species. You resent the hierarchical distinctions between human and animals and entertain no qualitative distinction between a monkey, a malaria-infested mosquito and a snarling hyena. You mouth slogans such as: “We have set in motion an irreversible chain reaction beyond control,” and you advocate for universal veganism on the Ellen DeGeneres show. You do not buy new clothes, and you don’t want the rest of us to either. You want us all to stop flying in jet planes without giving us an alternative as to how we would re-transform our financial and trading systems—to say nothing of our personal enjoyment of the world—without regression to a primeval era. Few can afford to cross the Atlantic in a $6M zero carbon yacht financed by rich people who made their wealth by the very means you condemn as loathsome.

There are a few things that we, the rational adults of the world who are not bowing to you like guilt-ridden obsequious Babbitts need to say to you, Greta.

First, we did not rob you of your childhood or of your dreams. You are the legatee of a magnificent technological civilization which my generation and the one before it and several others preceding it all the way to the Industrial Revolution and the Renaissance, bequeathed to you. 

I contend that this response is not only appropriate, but also absolutely necessary.  For it is by our willingness to silently suffer fools that the ideology of fools is legitimized and advanced.  Were I to meet a young person spouting the opinions of Greta in normal life I would not respond in the scathing manned of Dr. Hill.  However, I would politely but firmly make it clear that I disagree and explain the reasons why.  And, if they responded with angry attacks on my character for having accosted the fragile feelings of a youngster I would explain that they’s better grow thicker skin if they hope to succeed in this world.

On the other hand, when the United Nations gives an international platform to a young child from which she spews contempt and idiotic bromides we are operating at another level entirely.  Here the consequences of gentleness or even embarrassed silence are great.  For Greta at the U.N. assaulted the very foundations of civilization.  What young person observing adult cowardice in the face of this assault did not respond with increased contempt for their elders?  What obsequious Socialist wouldn’t interpret our craven silence as an admission of guilt?  And what power hungry Progressive wouldn’t conclude that we don’t have the courage to oppose their project of power accumulation by any means necessary?

So, regardless of who is pushing Socialist ideas it is long past time that we respond appropriately; sometimes with gentle but firm disagreement and others with the aggressive questions and answers necessary to turn back this latest assault by a wicked, stupid and failed ideology.

Thoughts About “Questions for Socialists” (1)


One of the great mysteries of life is why the supporters of Socialism continue to be afforded the presumption of moral and intellectual superiority while supporters of Fascism are uniformly condemned as carriers of utter evil.  While the latter conclusion is certainly true and just, the former is a great and wicked lie.

This question has become increasingly relevant as we observe the Millennial Generation embracing Socialism as a means of social advancement, and the Democrat Party increasingly presenting itself as the vehicle by which this end can be accomplished.  It is therefore long past time that a few pointed questions be posed to these people who pose as our betters.

Once we pierce the wafer-thin, fragile shell of presumption that protects Socialists from objective scrutiny it’s shocking to discover how pathetically weak are their claims.  As my previous four posts on this topic demonstrate it is only by the force-field of presumed moral and intellectual superiority that these ignoramuses (and far worse) avoid the fate of the few remaining Fascists.  That is, they are enabled by the power of intimidation through use of social power due to Progressive domination of most of our key institutions.

But there is also a secondary though still potent defense against criticism, that being pity and/or good manners.  Here I have in mind the sweet aged church lady or the earnest young man who spouts Socialist ideas in obvious and embarrassing ignorance.  It would certainly be cruel for those of us who know better to publicly accost such people with the purpose of causing them embarrassment.  And yet it also would be cruel to allow their ignorance to continue by false affirmation or studied silence.

This situation could be reasonably designated the “Greta Thunberg Effect.”  You likely already know that she is the young Swedish girl (born in 2003) who became a famous activist on climate change.  In 2019 she crossed the Atlantic Ocean (from Plymouth, U.K., to New York, U.S.) in a 60 foot racing yacht equipped with solar panels and underwater turbines, thus making it “zero carbon emissions.”  Once in the United States she addressed the United Nations in a scathing speech.  This young girl presumed to be the final judge of all living adults and all human civilizations, and, the font of ultimate wisdom by which the planet could be saved.  And, in spite of her appalling ignorance and presumption most adults  shirked any responsibility to push back.  For to do so would embarrass her and open the criticizer to accusations of child cruelty.

However an unavoidable consequence of this silence is the assumption that we accept the legitimacy of this little girl’s moral and intellectual claims.  Thus we become complicit in the advance of ideas with which we don’t agree and, if implemented, would drive us back to the stone age where human life is “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.”

I’ll complete my commentary on this situation in the next post.

Psalm 11

Psalm 11-3 If The Foundations Are Destroyed What Can The Righteous Do gray

Psalm 11

For the director of music. Of David.

Charles Spurgeon provides the opening comments on this beautiful Psalm.

The Psalms are a rich repository of experimental knowledge. David, at the different periods of his life, was placed in almost every situation in which a believer, whether rich or poor, can be placed; in these heavenly compositions he delineates all the workings of the heart. He introduces, too, the sentiments and conduct of the various persons who were accessory either to his troubles or his joys; and thus sets before us a compendium of all that is passing in the hearts of men throughout the world. When he penned this Psalm he was under persecution from Saul, who sought his life, and hunted him ‘as a partridge upon the mountains.’ His timid friends were alarmed for his safety, and recommended him to flee to some mountain where he had a hiding-place, and thus to conceal himself from the rage of Saul. But David, being strong in faith, spurned the idea of resorting to any such pusillanimous expedients, and determined confidently to repose his trust in God. To assist us to remember this short, but sweet Psalm, we will give it the name of “THE SONG OF THE STEADFAST.

In the Lord I take refuge.
How then can you say to me:
“Flee like a bird to your mountain.

Apparently the Psalmist was in a discussion where the other party advised that he flee in the face of danger.  Their argument is included but is prefaced by rejection.

For look, the wicked bend their bows;
they set their arrows against the strings
to shoot from the shadows
at the upright in heart.

The wicked are here defined as those who attack “the upright in heart” “from the shadows.”  In this description their cowardice and cunning are highlighted.

But who are “the upright in heart”?  They certainly are not sinless, so how then can they be deemed to be “upright in heart”?  We have so internalized human-centric secular assumptions that it’s become almost impossible to conceptualize the existence of a sovereign, eternal God whose judgements are completely independent from our opinions, actions and feelings.  When we are confronted with the idea that there are “upright in heart” humans we laugh in contempt, safe in our knowledge that because all people sin then all are corrupt.

But what if the Bible’s testimony is true?  What if God the Father by God the Holy Spirit invades human beings with an irresistible grace due to our identification with God Jesus Christ to transform us into objects of His mercy?  Are these redeemed people, even though they continue to struggle with sin, by God’s sovereign act now “the upright in heart”?

When the foundations are being destroyed,
what can the righteous do?”

The Psalmist’s opponent ends with a counsel of defeatism.  This statement rings so true to our contemporary situation.  Do we not see “the foundations being destroyed” every day and all around in our daily lives?  Are not the foundations of Christianity under withering, unrelenting attack from those both outside and inside the Christian Church?  This blog and my books are first and foremost a testimony to that fact.

The Lord is in his holy temple;
the Lord is on his heavenly throne.
He observes everyone on earth;
his eyes examine them.

The Psalmist’s answer begins by pointing to God’s existence and sovereignty.  God sees all that is happening in His creation.  Nothing takes Him by surprise, nothing happens outside of His judgement.  So when we become fearful due to the apparent overwhelming worldly power of the wicked we can take heart that God sees it all and their evil will not go unpunished.

The Lord examines the righteous,
but the wicked, those who love violence,
he hates with a passion.
On the wicked he will rain
fiery coals and burning sulfur;
a scorching wind will be their lot.

Note that the righteous are also examined.  God is not indifferent to their sins.

But for “the wicked” God’s judgement and punishment is unsparing.  When we read that they “love violence” we shouldn’t assume this is limited to the physical domain.  No, the wicked love to do violence also through lies, through spiritual and character destruction, and also through actual physical violence against the righteous.

The wicked imagine that they operate independent of God’s (i.e., the Triune Christian God’s) judgement.  The pathetic truth is that in this world they are completely under God’s providential control and in the next they will experience eternal damnation.

For the Lord is righteous,
he loves justice;
the upright will see his face.

One of the greatest contemporary frauds is the substitution of “justice” as defined by a godless secular human ideology with the justice of God.  For example, when the elite leadership of the PCUSA claims to be “doing justice” it is utterly indistinguishable from “justice” as defined by the godless secular Progressive ideology as then defined.  A mirror image of this sin is provided by those who assume that any idea or policy that is identified as Conservative (or Libertarian, or another human ideology) must also be aligned with God’s justice.

It’s so easy to sub-contract our understanding of justice to this or that human ideology.  It’s difficult, painful and often terror-inducing to examine the Scriptures to find for ourselves what is God’s justice.  No wonder we so often shirk this responsibility.

The Impeachment Coup


What we are witnessing in the nation’s capital is nothing less than a continuing coup disguised as a Presidential impeachment.  I have previously discussed the actions taken by our Justice Department, Intelligence Community, Democrat  politicians and presidential candidates, and now our State Department to undermine and ultimately remove a duly elected President of the United States.  By so doing they have in effect claimed that the power of unelected bureaucrats and a losing political party trumps that of the citizens of the United States in determining who occupies the office of President.

This fraudulent, evil farce is being foisted upon the American people less that one year from a presidential election in which the citizens can decide if President Trump should serve a second term.  This current attempted fraud comes on the heels of previous pathetically failed frauds all intended to bring down the President by undemocratic means, some of these being:

  • flipping Elector votes from Trump to Clinton
  • the Steel dossier
  • the Mueller investigation
  • the voting-machines-hoax
  • the Logan Act
  • the Emoluments Clause
  • the 25th Amendment
  • the McCabe-Rosenstein-Comey collusion
  • various Michael Avenatti-Stormy Daniels-Michael Cohen accusations
  • and now, the Ukraine accusations by disgruntled intelligence and State Department officials.

All of these assaults were based on purposeful deception and outright lies.  And yet we are expected to presume that the Democrat Party, the deep state and the mainstream media have the moral and intellectual credibility necessary to take seriously their latest charges.

I have previously suggested that a credible model for this cabal’s thought process is “Leninthink.”  Given the show trial mentality exhibited by the Congressional Democrats and bureaucratic witnesses this designation is now confirmed.  However, if we search history to find the slogan that most accurately conveys their primary operating principle one is inexorably drawn to the Fascist motto of Benito Mussolini:

Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state

It shouldn’t be surprising that the proto-totalitarians operating in the United States should have blended previous ideologies into a unique American version that best serves their needs and is most easily sold to a large cohort of our public.

The election of Donald Trump brought to the Presidency a man who rejected the power and position of our national elite establishment.  The citizens of the United States had every right to vote in a Chief Executive intent on changing the nation’s direction.  They also have every right to decide in 2020 that President Trump has failed and/or the Democrats offer a better option.

But that’s not how our Leninist/Fascist elites see things.  No, they are attempting to demonstrate to the electorate that they own a veto over any President who they deem to be unfit.  And by “unfit” understand “not beholden to their power and position.”

Can there be any doubt that, if they are successful in destroying the Trump presidency they will act to prevent such a challenge by the nation’s citizens from ever again occurring?  They have told us outright that our First and Second Amendment rights will be curtailed if not erased.  The Electoral College and the Senate will go into history’s trash heap (while simultaneously claiming that their impeachment mania is a defense of the Constitution!).  The nation’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies may begin to operate as a defacto secret police.  Any citizen who dares voice non-approved political ideas will be subject to loss of their good name and livelihood at the whim of a Progressive social media mob.

It’s time to take our heads out of the sand and look straight into the abyss of evil that is being offered to us as the alternative to our messy but liberty-protecting Constitutional Republic.  If we don’t stand up to and peacefully defeat this outrageous, monstrous wicked cabal in 2020 then we may have lost the opportunity to do so thereafter.

If you believe that I’m right (or near-to-right), please think, speak, organize and vote accordingly.  If you think that I’m wrong, please consider the possibility that someday those who consider you to be guilty of “wrong-think” inherit the governmental powers that you now seek for yourselves.

Progressives Declare Mob Rule (2)


Top: Loretta Lynch, John Brennan and James Clapper.  Bottom: Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff.


Rep. Steve Scalise near death and Progressive billboard

Although none of the above incidents ended in violence, this was not always the case.  A

Bernie Sanders supporter, James T. Hodgkinson, in 2017 carefully planed and then conducted an attempted mass murder of Congressional Republicans.  He came within a hair’s breadth of achieving the greatest political mass murder in American history.  After Steve Scalise survived near death from the shooting a Progressive PAC proposed a billboard with the message “Take out Scalise.”  

Nor should we overlook the brutal from behind surprise attack by Senator Rand Paul’s neighbor, also in 2017.  With regard to the physical attack itself:

The Associated Press story described how injuries like this “can lead to life-threatening injuries,” with pain lingering for “weeks or months.”

Sen. Paul’s attacker “was a socialist who frequently fought with neighbors about health care policies and other liberal issues.”

rand paul attacked

Senator Rand Paul after brutal surprise attack

A contemporary Rip Van Winkle, awakening in 2017 would have assumed that these near catastrophic events would give Progressives pause about their violent rhetoric.  But nothing of the sort happened.  A year later, undeterred by these violent events, Maxine Waters was declaring Progressive mob rule without the slightest concern about where it could lead.

The mob rule mentality isn’t limited to public confrontations and violent language.  No, the institutions of our federal government were transformed into weapons by which opponents to Progressive rule could be discredited, destroyed and imprisoned.  In particular:

  • The IRS, the most feared department in the U.S. government, was used to harass, demoralize and delay citizen groups seeking to exercise their Constitutional right of free political speech.
  • The Justice Department used an unverified political opposition research document from one Hillary Clinton’s campaign to obtain secret warrants to spy on the other Donald Trump’s campaign during an election.
  • The FBI’s top leadership and investigators intervened in an election on the side of Hillary Clinton to discredit Donald Trump.
  • A Special Prosecutor’s office was created by bureaucrats appointed by the Obama administration not to investigate a publicly defined potential crime, but rather to search for a crime (i.e., “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.“).  That office used its virtually unlimited power to capriciously destroy the lives of individuals from one the Republican party for “process crimes” (e.g., claims that they lied to the FBI or Congress) while utterly ignoring these same crimes in the Democrat party.
  • The nation’s spy agencies, the CIA, NSA, etc. were used to spy on not just American citizens (totally illegal), but also Donald Trump’s campaign (anti-democratic and also totally illegal).  They also, when Trump won, massively leaked sensitive national intelligence information to discredit the new President.
  • Ex high ranking Obama Administration officials traffic in emotionally explosive rhetoric against the next duly elected President.
    • Ex-Attorney General Loretta Lynch made a video that was distributed by the Senate Democrats that claimed without a shred of evidence that “our rights are being assaulted” and the only remedy is street protest up to and including blood and death.
    • Ex-CIA Director John Brennan tweeted that President Trump is “treasonous” and “in the pocket of Putin.”
    • Ex-DNI James Clapper claims that President Trump is a Russian asset (i.e., a Russian spy) on national cable television.
  • The drive to impeach President Trump by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff is being conducted outside any pretense to due process.

The mentality that justifies this resort to mob rule is on the move and growing in power.  For those of us who believed that the foundations of our republic were generally sound this development has come as a terrible shock.

We need to get over it and acknowledge the truth.  The Progressive Left is attempting to impose mob rule in this nation.  If they are successful then the next step will be the disenfranchisement of all citizens through destruction of at least their First and Second Constitutional Amendment rights.  Beyond that will be the permanent establishment of a soft police state dedicated to the continuance of Progressive elite power.

Only the utterly disinterested or willfully blind among non-Progressives can doubt what is currently at play here in the United States.  If we don’t peacefully defeat this movement in public debate and at the ballot box then we may be forced to face the possibility of an actual civil war in our streets and homes.

Progressives Declare Mob Rule (1)


“And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.” Representative Maxine Waters, June 2018.

When Congresswoman Maxine Waters spoke to a crowd of Trump Administration “resisters” in June 2018 her words amounted to a declaration of mob rule.  She called for Progressive activists to identify administration officials out in the public square and then to form mobs that would drive them out.  Although Rep. Waters didn’t explicitly call for violence there could be no reasonable assumption that an angry, hate filled mob would never reach that end.

This call to assault has been heeded on numerous occasions.  The Washington Post in a July 2018 article identified Trump administration officials Kellyanne Conway, Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon, Vice President Pence, Sean Spicer, Scott Pruitt, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kirstjen Nielsen as victims of verbal assault and personal threats.  A waitress at a high-end Chicago bar spit in the face of Eric Trump.


Kathy Griffin, ISIS like, holds up the mock decapitated head of President Trump.

The list of politicians and celebrities who have deployed violent language or imagery against President Trump is long, including ex-Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Corey Booker, Robert De Niro, Kathy Griffin, Johnny Depp, Snoop Dogg, George Lopez, Moby, Rosie O’Donnell, Mickey Rourke, and Larry Wilmore.  In New York City a Shakespeare in the Park production of “Julius Caesar” depicted a Trump look-alike being brutally murdered to the applause of many in the audience. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told senior Democrats that she’d like to see President Donald Trump in prison.

But these public assaults are not limited to members of the Trump administration.  Senator Ted Cruz and his wife were driven out of a restaurant by a mob.  Senate Majority Leader Mich McConnell has had angry protestors outside of his home on numerous occasions (including one where a mob member said that McConnell “should have broken his little raggedy, wrinkled-(expletive) neck” and another holding a voodoo doll yelled “Just stab the m—– f—– in the heart.”).  A journalist suggested that Sen. Susan Collins deserved the death threats she has received.


Antifa rioters beat up a person who got in their way.

Nor are private citizens immune from this riot mentality.  Outspoken conservatives Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens were driven out of a Philadelphia restaurant by an aggressive mob.  Tucker Carlson of the Fox News Channel has had aggressive demonstrations outside his home while he was out, terrifying his wife and children.  Antifa mobs have rampaged through the streets of multiple cities destroying property and beating up anyone who gets in their way.

The scope and depth of this Progressive mob mentality far exceeds even these appalling examples, as will be discussed in the next post.

Remembering My Father


Our father taught us many wonderful things. He did so by what he said, but even more by how he lived. Some of the lessons for which we give thanks are:

  • Love is an inexhaustible resource that is equal in magnitude for each child, but that is given in unique ways to each child.

  • Commitments are real and permanent, not transient feelings or good intentions.

  • The Christian faith is not just a set of theological doctrines, but also a practical and blessed way of life.

  • We are not limited by our beginnings or our faults, but can pursue our hopes and dreams, trusting in God’s providential purposes.

  • We should appreciate and cultivate beauty.

  • Hard work is both an expectation and a joy.

  • Never stop asking questions and seeking new knowledge.

  • Test your ideas through substantive, respectful discussion, always remaining open to the possibility that new information can change past opinions.

  • Do what is right simply because it is right.

  • Take constructive action to make the world a better place.

These and many more lessons live within us, and will keep our beloved father close to us always.