The Hong Kong Crisis (1)


Initial Thoughts

I’ve delayed commentary on the crisis in Hong Kong due to a felt lack of knowledge on my part.  I’ve slowly learned the lesson over a lifetime of hard knocks that it’s better to remain silent and let people think you’re a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.  So, I’m going to continue avoiding commentary on the political and social situation in Hong Kong (although others are doing a great job in this area).

However, over the past couple months it has become clear that the future of the United States as a free society is powerfully tied to the fate of Hong Kong.  For we have witnessed the extent and depth of Communist China’s influence over major U.S. companies such as Apple and the NBA (among others), leading them to kowtow before this vicious, evil regime.  The extent to which Communist China has corrupted our government’s top officials has also been exposed in the Hunter Biden scandal.

hong-kong-us-flagsIt has also become clear that the Hong Kong protesters look to the United States as a beacon of freedom and a hoped for protector.  Unfortunately this hope is threatened by the U.S. elite class.  For they have been unmasked as those who will gladly use their precious freedoms to spew hatred for the own country while simultaneously fawning at the feet of China’s dictators.

And yet there is reason for hope.  I recently discussed the Hong Kong crisis with a group of Progressives.  Their initial position was that Hong Kong had been taken from China by Great Britain and thus we shouldn’t oppose China’s actions to take it back.  I responded by pointing out that China had pledged to maintain Hong Kong’s essential nature as “one country, two systems” until 2047.  I then pointed out that the people of Hong Kong are simply attempting to maintain the freedoms promised to them, and that in this they are our natural allies.

To my surprise these Progressives were not just disarmed by this argument, but even affirmed its truth!  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this type of response by Progressives.

We must begin openly supporting the brave freedom demonstrators in Hong Kong.  At the same time we must begin opposing the anti-freedom cowardice of our multinational corporations, politicians and cultural icons.  They must be exposed and shamed for their craven behavior, and, where there is actual illegal corruption, prosecuted for their crimes.

It’s a sad fact that the people of Hong Kong could be crushed by the Chinese Communist government if they decided to do so.  Our job is to make that possibility so painful that they allow Hong Kong’s culture to remain until the promised 2047.  We can then hope and pray that other fundamental changes occur in the world and within China that prevent Hong Kong’s absorption into the vile and evil communist system that now threatens them.

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