Progressive Insanity (2)


Understanding Why


I use this post topic to document the insanity that currently drives Progressives.  There’s no doubt where I stand on this issue.  Perhaps this quote from a previous post best captures my thought.

What we are witnessing is a collective nervous breakdown by a group that viewed themselves as the perfect-righteous; confronting the cataclysmic reality that over sixty-million citizens disagreed enough to elect their polar opposite to the Presidency.  In fact, enough citizens in states that had for decades voted reliably for the “righteous” politicians turned traitor to righteousness and voted for an “unrighteous bigot.”  This outcome has launched the elite perfect-righteous into a state of mind-shattering cognitive dissonance from which escape will be at the very least painful and difficult.

What has emerged is a group of people who occupy powerful positions in our nation whose personalities have disintegrated and been reconstituted as seemingly undifferentiated components of a massive social justice mob.  They will believe anything, say anything and do anything, in collectivist unison, to destroy the source of this atrocity committed against their sense of perfect-righteousness.

So, if you disagree my current purpose isn’t to change your mind.  On the other hand if you completely or partially agree then the more interesting question is “Why did it happen?”  The above quote posits an answer for the proximate cause.  However, for a mere election to have generated such a response there must have been deeper issues at play for a longer period of time.

Thoughts on Why

We need to go back at least 70 years to understand how Progressives got to this point.  Back in the 1950s and 1960s they imagined that their utopian dreams could come true through external subversion and internal revolution, respectively.  However, the United States citizenry stubbornly refused to see the light.  Thus began the long march through the central institutions of our nation: education, media, entertainment, government bureaucracies, religious denominations, professional organizations, etc.

The purpose of this long march was to convert those institutions that communicated and defended traditional American values into strongholds of Progressive power.  And they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.  By the 21st century the Progressives controlled virtually all of our nation’s institutional commanding heights.  And from this position of power they were able to elect and reelect Barack Obama, one of their own, to the Presidency!

The euphoria associated with this victory can hardly be exaggerated.  With Barack Obama in power the Progressive Left was able to aggressively place their own in the U.S. government’s most powerful positions and thereby weaponize government power against any and all remaining opposition.  The giddy anticipation that Hillary Clinton would be elected and finish off for good that “basket of deplorables” who stood in the way of total Progressive power was barely concealed.

But then things started to go wrong.  Parents began noticing that our education institutions were run by highly credentialed, ideological mediocracies who were turning their children into supremely confident incompetents.  Our media and entertainment companies were cesspits of crude Progressive propaganda, sexual predation and conspiracy fantasy.  Our government agencies were dispensing two-tiered justice, one for the Progressive elite and another for everyone else.  This utter rot of corruption and incompetence became so bad that even by use of their only real skill, spin, they were unable to hide the truth.

And so, in spite of all their accumulated power, all their propaganda, the American people yet elected Donald Trump to the Presidency.  After all those decades of toil to take over, hollow out and recreate our nation’s institutions into centers pf Progressive power there yet remained a large enough cohort of resistant citizens to elect a man who opposed most of what they stood for.

If you wonder why the most radical Progressives are turning on Barack Obama’s legacy the answer is clear.  President Obama failed in his primary task of “fundamentally transforming” the United States into a reliably Progressive nation.  Even with all the right apparatchiks in the Justice Department, FBI, CIA, IRS, EPA (etc.), all the one-sided media slander of Republicans, all the higher education brain-washing, all the air-headed celebrities’ mocking; the Progressive Left wasn’t able to elect Hilary Clinton to the Presidency.

And so they went insane.  By so doing they have exposed just how utterly hollow, how corrupt, how juvenile, how greedy they really are.

hate-you-vote-for-meWho knows, they may yet turn it around and elect a radical Progressive to the Presidency in 2020.  However, I’m highly doubtful that they would be able to effectively govern.  For even if they can cobble together a majority there will be a vast minority of citizens who have lost all confidence in and trust of a government led by Progressives.  What happens then is anyone’s guess, but it likely won’t be pretty.


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