The Passing Progressive Parade (2)


Time to Put Up on Illegal Immigration


I think that it’s time for our Progressive betters to put up or shut up about illegal immigration.  You’d have to be living in a cave to not notice the hectoring, highhanded, contemptuous onslaught of moral preening by Progressives on this issue.  There can no longer be any doubt that this elite and wealthy cohort supports a policy of “open borders.”

A majority of the Democrat Party base believes in open borders.

But Democrats’ response on the hot-button issue of immigrants being allowed to remain in the United States if they make it to the border was stunning. The pollster asked, “Do you think that people who make it across our border illegally should be allowed to stay in the country or sent home?”

… A staggering 53 percent of Democrats polled, however, believe that any immigrant that makes it to America’s borders should be allowed to stay.

The Democrat presidential candidates have also endorsed open borders.

There’s one clear policy takeaway from the second Democratic debate in Miami on Thursday night — the Democratic candidates are pushing for de facto open borders.

In a stunning moment, every single candidate on stage, including the leaders of the pack — former Vice President Joe Biden and Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders — raised their hands to signal their support for government-run health care that covers illegal immigrants.  …

Later in the debate, all but one of the candidates again raised their hands, this time to signal they would decriminalize border crossings.

What these developments mean are:

  1. The Democrat Party wants anyone of the 6+ billion people living outside of the United States to be able to enter without limit and without anyone knowing who they are;
  2. The U.S. taxpaying citizens will be obligated to provide free health care and other social services to this unlimited population of immigrants.

Top 25 wealthiest U.S. counties and how they voted in the 2016 Presidential election (Blue = D, Red = R).

Where exactly do these wealthy Progressives expect this uncontrolled mass of humanity to live?  Certainly not in their upscale, gated and protected communities!  No, these immigrants of unknown origins and intentions will be living in communities without the wealth and political muscle to keep newcomers out.  Thus it will be the less prosperous areas that suffer the school crowding, increased crime, health care system overload and culture shock of mass, uncontrolled immigration.

But there’s a problem.  These Progressive moral betters haven’t yet been able to convince a majority of the general public to support this policy.  This in spite of a decades long campaign to do so.  Clearly a new persuasion strategy is sorely needed.

The Wealthy Progressive’s Put Up Strategy

Let’s start with what is known for sure about the Progressive elite:

  • They are far wealthier than the typical U.S. citizen;
  • They are far more altruistic and generally moral (because they do endlessly say so themselves) than their fellow citizens;
  • Unlike their typical fellow citizens, they are not controlled by ignorant fear, but rather are the fearless vanguard of a utopian world order (because they do endlessly say so themselves).

Nancy Pelosi’s Napa Valley compound could accommodate hundreds of open borders immigrants.

Therefore, the Progressive elites can convince the deplorable masses through leadership by example, that being:

  • Since these wealthy individuals live in large homes with guest bedrooms and cottages, they commit to putting up signs that invite anyone who wishes to take up residence in their homes.
  • Commit to meeting all of the human needs (after all, these are human rights!) of every person who takes up residence in their home.
  • Commit to expanding community institutions and services to meet the needs of these welcomed guests (without limit and without cost to the immigrants).
Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 5.27.01 AM

Look at all the unused space in the wealthiest county in the U.S., Loudoun County VA (near Washington D.C., of course).  Just think how many open borders immigrants could live there in utter harmony with its morally superior Progressive community!

By showing the unwilling how they have nothing to fear, how they have nothing to lose, how beautifully this all works out, our Progressive betters will shame us deplorables into accepting their open borders policy!  After all, don’t the elite Progressives endlessly say that the wealthy aren’t doing their “fair share?”  Here’s your opportunity to turn that propaganda statement into lived reality!

Don’t let us down you mighty moral betters!

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