PCUSA Proud of a Shameful Past (3)


The public relations facade of a denomination led by a clique of hateful, violence approving Progressive radicals.

Commentary on the Contemporary Situation

This situation came to my attention through reception of promotional material associated with the PCUSA’s “Matthew 25” initiative.  As has become my custom, rather than stopping at the happy-face, virtue-signaling surface, I dug down into the details of the supporting documents and commentary.  It was here that I came across the PCUSA document (by The Presbyterian Mission Agency) titled Facing Racism: A Vision of the Intercultural Community Antiracism Study Guides  that contains the discussion of past support for Angela Davis (see the first post in this series).  Further research uncovered the unmentioned support for the Black Panthers.

Even if we limit ourselves to Angela Davis the implications are shocking.  Here’s a summary of her beliefs and actions.

Davis’s continued presence is merely another reminder that the progressive left will tolerate the most odious characters as long as they seek “justice” for a favored cause — in this case Palestinians.

Just as Davis wasn’t merely a communist sympathizer but a champion of the most reprehensible Soviet regimes, she’s not merely a supporter of boycott, divestment, sanction’s Jewish boycotts but a champion of men like Marwan Barghouti, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades leader who coordinated suicide bombings targeting Jewish civilians.

Yet, somehow, Davis claimed to be “stunned” when, after objections from Holocaust remembrance organizations and other Jewish groups, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute recently rescinded their award that was meant to honor her. The incident spurred the usual suspects to say the usual things. Though most of defenses were predictably vacuous, the habit of ignoring her biography is also journalistic malpractice.

There could be an entire book written detailing Davis’s loathsome views and actions (Cathy Young has a good article here.) Still, it’s quite striking to see folks like TED talker Sally Kohn taking to Twitter to let her followers know that she stands with Davis because of her fight against the “prison industrial complex.” In the real world, Davis was an enthusiast supporter of the largest and most lethal prison system the world has ever known.

Davis was also a supporter of and involved with the Black Panthers (emphasis added).

Angela Yvonne Davis (born January 26, 1944) is an American political activist, academic scholar, and author. She emerged as a prominent counterculture activist and radical in the 1960s as a leader of the Communist Party USA, and had close relations with the Black Panther Party through her involvement in the Civil Rights Movement.

This is the woman who the PCUSA chose to hold up as an example of Christian public engagement.  In so doing they abuse the trust of their members to deliver a fraudulent narrative that pushes the unsuspecting into collaboration with an ideology that they would never choose given sufficient knowledge.

However, when we add in the unmentioned but real and continuing support for the murderous, raping, racist Black Panther Party the situation becomes even more horrific. Look at the signs being held by the unsuspecting children placed at the front of the above pictured march.  I challenge you to explain how the PCUSA’s support for the Black Panthers and Angela Davis can be rationalized with the messages on these signs.  It can’t.

But this is how the radicals in control of our denomination paint a thin veneer of Christian respectability over the vile evil that underlies their initiatives.  These are “Christians” who fellow-travel with, if not outright support, murderous totalitarian ideologies and those in the secular sphere who promote them.

It is far past time that the remaining members in this denomination cease trusting these


Our national leadership’s Chrisrian Potemkin village facade

leaders.  They are little more than minor political players who do the bidding of the secular radical Progressive movement.  By giving them our allegiance we are signing onto an agenda that, were its true purposes and beliefs known, would shock our Christian consciences.

By the way, you do now know much more about these purposes and beliefs.  However, as will be demonstrated in my forthcoming book (A Denomination’s Debacle), even this is only a small fraction of the theological corruption and ideological evil that exists behind the PCUSA national leadership’s Christian Potemkin village facade.

Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 7.16.37 PM

Over 300 pages detailing the theological corruption and ideological evil of the PCUSA leadership.

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