Independence Day 2019


Our blessed Republic, can we keep it?

This year I have mixed feelings about Independence Day.  For while I live in great thankfulness for this Republic, birthed 243 years ago today, there are many of my fellow citizens who have grown to hate it.  Where I see the courage and labor of fallible generations past bequeathing us freedom from tyranny and want, they see evildoers who purposefully sought to impose oppression upon everyone but themselves.  Where I see a new nation struggling to live up to the ideals upon it was created they see an evil and grasping rising power.  Where I hope that my children will share in this fraught but wonderful journey they hope for a fundamental transformation that will render this nation unrecognizable.


2001: Bill Ayers, past domestic terrorist and present elite radical Progressive activist, stomps on the American Flag

There have always been cohorts of the discontented within our body politic.  For most of this nation’s life they were marginalized by general consensus on the legitimacy of our political founding and processes.

However, so overconfident were we in the durability of this consensus that over the past sixty years those in radical opposition have marched through one institution after another without effective resistance.  They now own the commanding heights in media, education, big business, religious organizations, professional groups, government bureaucracy and the Democrat Party, among others.  And they have made it absolutely clear that they are in a hurry to use all this institutional power to impose their fundamentally transforming ideology upon us by any means necessary.

It’s difficult to fathom the bizarre combination of ignorance, stupidity, narcissism and

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 4.15.45 AM

June 30, 2019: Fascist Antifa Progressive shock troops beat multiple men in Portland.  Progressive mayor does nothing to protect the victims.  Progressive media and organizations support Antifa’s violence.

evil that characterizes this dominant class.  We see Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D, NY) appropriating Holocaust terminology to attack U.S. border enforcement and then denying it, apparently in the belief that all Americans are as ignorant as is she.  We see Democratic Socialists proposing the most brutal form of economic organization ever devised be tried once again in the United States (even after having tragically failed once again in Venezuela).  We see a dominant class narcissistically  preening themselves about their moral superiority while leading institutions infested by sexual predation, incitement and dishonesty.  And we see their evil shock troops driving people out of restaurants, spitting in their face, beating up journalists and others in the street and destroying property all while being ignored or even outright supported by the Progressive movement.  Finally, we see all of this purposeful will to power being channeled into our national politics by the current crop of Democrat presidential candidates.

I suppose some tender souls will bristle at my making partisan comments within a post on a holiday that is supposed to “bring us together.”  However, it is the fantasy that we are a people living in consensus that has blinded us to the truth and encouraged passivity in the face of open provocation.

So, for what am I advocating?  Absolutely NOT the mirror image of their tactics.  But rather we must:

  • have the courage to stand up to this onslaught using fearless free speech (because you could well be accused of being a Nazi if you oppose them);
  • utilize legitimate political participation (because only by sustained, decisive defeat at the ballot box might they come to their senses);
  • insist that the rule of law (not of a two-tier system, one for the elite class and the other for everyone else) be reestablished and upheld (because the lawlessness will increase until legitimate enforcement is brought to bear);
  • create organized opposition (because they have out-organized us for decades).

We also can’t allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good when faced with difficult choices.

The fundamental question is:

Do we want to preserve and defend the Republic as much as the radical ruling class wants to destroy it?

On that answer turns the future of our nation as founded and passed down to us through the generations.

So, happy Independence Day!  And let’s use all of our blessed freedoms to lawfully uphold and pass on that which has been given to us all!


We can only keep it if we recognize the stakes and commit to fighting for its preservation.

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