Environmenrtalisn Becomes a Death Cult (2)


Just another carefully reasoned, dispassionate argument for the credibility of climate science!

Scientific / Technical Ignorance in Advanced Western Society (2)

Computer Simulation Challenges

How many people in the general public know that the entire theory of destructive “global warming” rests on the output of computer simulations of the earth’s climate?  Surely it is a small minority.  How many people in the general public know even the most rudimentary facts about how a computer simulation is constructed, what are its limitations and how to judge the credibility of its results?  A tiny minority is clearly the case.

earth-computer-modelI actually know quite a bit about this general area having managed development of a comprehensive and sophisticated commuter simulation of wireless systems.  Mind you I am not claiming knowledge of world climate computer modeling.  However, it is certainly true that the understanding of wireless system operation is massively more mature and certain than that concerning the earth’s climate.  It is also true that the scope and complexity of a wireless system computer simulation is a tiny fraction of that required for world climate.  Therefore, were it the case that even for much simpler wireless system models there were deep, intractable issues concerning evaluation of the credibility and accuracy of their results, this would then also apply to earth climate modeling.

It turns out that there were major issues concerning credibility and accuracy.  Other groups in the company developed their own computer simulations.  Since a multitude of engineering decisions had to be made on model application and parameter settings these models didn’t always agree.  Given that for each group professional ego and future funding was at stake it became impossible to resolve these differences.  This failure significantly undermined senior leadership confidence, as tens to hundreds of millions of dollars in contractual performance were regularly in the balance.

If, due to the often unpredictable and chaotic behavior of wireless signals propagating in the real world (among many other issues), it was exceedingly difficult to assess the credibility and accuracy of wireless system simulators, then the difficulty is massively more for assessing earth climate simulations.

The difference is that, whereas with the wireless company incentives of profit/loss pressed towards truthful resolution, in “climate change” all incentives press towards ignoring these issues.  For the scientific community future funding is directly dependent on the belief that the results are true.  For the media, profit and influence are maximized by reporting terrifying results.  And for the funding politicians future political power is directly related to frightening the general public into voting for more government power to address the “problem.”  Thus, although there are huge issues with the credibility and accuracy of computer climate modeling, their discussion is effectively suppressed by all of the interest’s groups who benefit from climate hysteria.


Global Cooling, Global Warming, Climate Change … It really doesn’t matter so long as the general public is panicked into ceding more power to our elite caste.

Yes, I know that I’ll now be branded a “climate denier.”  But then, when all the opposition has is character assassination you can be sure that the facts aren’t on their side.  I’ll also point out that 90+% of those making this accusation don’t know the first thing about the actual scientific method, let alone computer modeling or climate science.  But, when you terrify people with incredible claims what can be expected other than emotion overriding critical thinking and common sense?

2 thoughts on “Environmenrtalisn Becomes a Death Cult (2)

  1. “when all the opposition has is character assassination you can be sure that the facts aren’t on their side.”

    A truer statement was never spoken…except perhaps this one. Character assassination is the sum total of most argumentation these days.

    In other words, I love what you’re writing. But someone who will be swayed by you being labeled a “climate denier” won’t much care. All they’re interested in is that they can label and dismiss you. Similar to what happens in Calvinism vs. Arminian debates.


    • Yes, there are many people out there so invested in the environmental cult that they likely can’t be reached. I’m talking to that significant portion of the population who are on the fence or have doubts but don’t have the confidence to openly disagree.


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