2018 Blog Results

Yearly Views and Visitors

I almost killed this blog in 2016 by focusing too strongly on Biblical exposition.  While this domain will always be important, I understand that my readers’ interests are not always aligned with mine.

In 2017 I broadened the blogs scope and was rewarded with significant growth in both visitors (dark bar) and views (light bar).  However, although the number of visitors exceeded that of 2015, the number of views fell significantly short.

This year the blog finally exceeded 2015 in both visitors and views.  This result is likely due to the continued expansion in scope.  This is still a small blog in a vast internet world.  However, I trust that for those who have visited it provides a unique and informative perspective on topics that are rarely covered elsewhere.

Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 12.22.07 PM

Most Popular Blog Posts

Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 12.23.23 PMThe most read posts for 2018 are shown to the left.  Many of these posts are from years prior to 2018.  It’s interesting that the top two both deal with specific information about the PCUSA’s decline (in membership and theological orthodoxy).

I’m thankful that numerous posts of Biblical exposition have made it onto this list.  I will publish an eBook in early 2019 on God’s Acts of Providence.  The fact that four posts from this topic made the list is greatly encouraging.

The post on immigration policy is as close as I usually come to commentary on current issues.  I’m also glad that one of my posts on satire made the list.  “Jesus Christ Avatar” remained popular.

Finally, my series on “The Death of Beauty” caused me some confusion.  Numerous individuals who run sites on fashion and cosmetics “liked” and started to “follow” the blog.  Since the topic was beauty in writing this perplexed me.  Finally, an acquaintance explained that there are automated programs that search the web on key words and then connect with sites that meet some set of criteria.  So, either this occurred or people focused on physical beauty are also lovers of beautiful theological writing.

Visitors by Country

One of the great pleasures of this work is the ability to communicate internationally.  While over 90% of visitors are from the United States, a significant minority are spread over the globe.  As the below figure shows I have had visitors from all six inhabited continents.


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