Looking Back on 2018 and a Preview of Early 2019


Looking Back on 2018

As 2018 winds down so too will my blogging output.  This year I have focused on a fair number of topics, including:

Clearly 2018 was a year in which I strayed further from the core theological and denominational topics that dominated previous years.

A Preview of Early 2019

In a recent discussion with a friend he pointed out that religion, politics and economics are inextricably linked together.  While I definitely agree with this point, I also have grave concerns given the experience of Postmodern Christianity, Progressive politics and Socialist economics in the PCUSA.  Some readers may assume that I seek a combination of orthodox Reformed Christianity, Conservative politics and Capitalist economics as the preferred alternative.

Not so, for Christianity does not exist as an adjunct to any political or economic ideology. Nor is Christianity the justification for human sourced ideologies.  No, Christianity is about the saving of our sinful souls by he Triune God.  That eternal purpose transcends all human thought or action.  However, it also informs human thought and action in this fallen world.

I have come to believe that Western Christianity has failed in its attempt to mix the sacred and profane into a new theology that is better suited to the modern (or postmodern) world.  Perhaps this will be a fruitful area of discussion in the new year.

I’m also concerned that our civic discussion has veered way too far in the direction of emotion and intentions at the expense of logic and data.  I’m also thinking about this issue as we move into the new year.

Of course there is no way to predict what events or ideas will bubble to the surface in 2019 that will drive the direction of this blog.  These are dangerous, fraught times through which we are passing. We must keep our eyes fixed on Christ and our trust in God’s providential care if we hope to pass through with our faith intact.

It’s my prayer that this blog will in some small way bring blessing and hope to a dark world by proclaiming that Christ is Lord while seeking to understand how this eternal salvation translates into our brief lives here.

2 thoughts on “Looking Back on 2018 and a Preview of Early 2019

  1. Just came across your blog, and hope to be returning. I will be going through some of your past posts, though I wonder why you’re so concerned about the PCUSA? Is that your denomination? I find it interesting that anyone somewhat conservative (not politically, but theologically) could stay in that denomination. Not impossible, as I know there are more or less biblically faithful congregations in almost all denominations, but given the overall tenor of that denomination, it still surprises me.

    Anyway, thanks for writing, and I look forward to reading.


    • Thanks for your encouragement and comments. Yes, the PCUSA is the denomination that my local church is in. My local church is theologically orthodox and contains many wonderful Christians who love God’s Word and proclaim the Gospel from our local area to throughout the world. So I stay there because I want to encourage this congregation to stay faithful and thus be a light in the darkness. I also think that it’s vitally important to understand the means by which Progressive Christianity advances its goals. By understanding and exposing their true motives and actions I may in some small way help other Christians to oppose this trend.

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