Making Sense of Progressive Nonsense (4)

Sept-12-Laura-language-istockWhat are They Thinking?

How would you respond if someone walked up to you at a social event and said “All black people think and vote alike, and all women think and vote alike.“?  There are tens of millions of Americans who would be shocked and appalled by this statement.  But there are also millions who would consider it to be a “matter of fact” utterance, and tens of millions of others who are willing to accept this idea.  And, both of these groups consider the other to be sexist and racist.

Since this blog is focused on explaining what I consider to be Progressive nonsense I’ll leave it to others to argue the opposite point.  But make no mistake, I consider the Progressive ideology on race and gender to be destructive, dangerous nonsense.  But it is nonsense that is tearing our nation apart.

If we are going to make sense of this nonsense the best starting point is the Progressive concept of Identity.  To Progressive elites and those who follow them identity is a wholly self-generated attribute that is so fluid that it can change radically over days or even hours.  Thus identity has been utterly disconnected from anything outside an individual person, for example, God.

Rachel Dolezal

Rachel Dolezal

Extreme examples of this fluid self-identification chaos are easily found.  Recently a male (if you will allow me to presume wildly) physical education teacher was disciplined by his school district for refusing to oversee the disrobing of a female student who identifies as male.  We also have numerous examples of male athletes who identify as female winning championships in female athletics.  On race we have the example of Rachel Dolezal, who though white choses to identify as black (but not as African-American).


Facebook Gender Options

Facebook provides between 50 and 70 “gender options” (depending on who’s counting when and where).  Finally, although outside the domain of race and gender, a man in the Netherlands was suing to have his age reduced by twenty years because he identifies as a younger person.  There simply seems to be no boundary left that cannot be broken by the concept of human identification.

Who-am-IWhile this identity ideology appears to provide virtually unlimited choice, it also creates massive opportunity for confusion.  A recent article points out that many humans are literally collapsing under the responsibility of being the sole architect of their identity.

But it is the flip side of this ideology that frees Progressives to behave in ways that previously would have been generally agreed to be racist and misogynistic.  For, if identity can be selected then it can also be denied.  That is what happens to blacks and women who step outside the Progressive established boundaries for their race and gender.  That is, a black person and/or woman who choses non-Progressive positions is not accepted as  black and/or a woman.


Progressive shock troops.

Therefore, the Progressive mob is freed to treat then not as blacks and/or women but rather as enemies of their race and/or gender who, if deemed necessary, can be destroyed with impunity.  Note that this explains how it is that a lily-white Progressive mob can accuse Candace Owens, a Conservative black woman, of “white supremacy.”


Linda Sarsour: Progressive Hero

This also explains how  Linda Sarsour could tweet

“Brigitte Gabriel = Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She’s asking 4 an a$$ whippin’. I wish I could take their vaginas away- they don’t deserve to be women.”

Note that Sarsour is explicitly applying the above described identity ideology that women who disagree with Progressivism need not be considered to be real women.  Rather, they are enemies of their gender who deserve to be mutilated in the most vile way imaginable.

But it’s actually more fundamental than identity politics.  That is, the intellectual foundation for this position is the racist and sexist premise that “All black people think and vote alike, and all women think and vote alike.” Of course, like most of the Progressive positions this assumption is obfuscated by complex philosophical formulations and impenetrable jargon.  If you seek a more practical explanation ask yourself why it is that Progressives always hear the racist or sexist “dog whistles” supposedly used by Conservatives?  I mean, if they can hear messages that the rest of us can’t in this regard then what does that make them?  Thus this appears to be far more an example of psychological projection than logical reasoning.


A nation dangerously divided, even on the definitions of sexism and racism.

This is simply a special case of the general Progressive position of dehumanizing any person who they consider to be in opposition to their goals, and particularly those who are a a threat.  To the radical elite Progressives we nonconformists are only one or two steps above a zombie.  They can therefore attack us by any means necessary without shame or human sympathy.  Of course most Progressives don’t go to this extreme.  However, neither do they generally speak out against their fellow Progressives who do.  And, that silence is in effect an endorsement of these vile tactics.

I am not here saying that racism and sexism doesn’t exist in Conservatism (and other non-Progressive ideologies).  They most certainly do.  However, I am saying that it is a major problem that the dominant governing ideology (as measured by institutional power) is built on these evils.  That is, racism and sexism are not deviations from, but rather direct consequences of  their ideology.

How do Progressives get away with this?  I’ve previously discussed the use of obfuscation to cloak the truth.  A second primary means is misdirection.  That is, because Progressives scream the loudest about opposition to racism and sexism (and, by the way, Fascism) most people assume that they must be free from these moral failures. The tragic fact is that, behind this obfuscation and misdirection real racism and sexism has been allowed to grow into a terrible moral cancer within the Progressive movement.  Treatment cannot begin until we admit the truth.



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