Romans: The Case for Christ to a Hostile World (18)

DC-Gospel?Contemporary Contemplations (2)

Although the Gospel as testified by Romans is still preached from thousands of pulpits across the United States, I contend that the contemporary hostility to its message may well be similar to that of pagan Rome.  It’s not just that our secular institutions have become “paganized,” but much of what calls itself the Christian Church has followed suit.  For, having lost all faith in the actual Gospel of Jesus Christ, the leadership of some Christian denominations has cast its lot with the secular Progressive political movement in order to remain “relevant.”

This intertwining of “Christianity” and Progressivism has resulted in a general retreat from orthodox Christian theology and to a multicultural, identity-based, socialist and bureaucratic/elitist ideology that is virtually undifferentiated from that of god-less Progressivism.

I contend that, to the extent that Christian leaders have accepted this ideology, they have become willing members of the pagan priestly class described in the previous post.  That is, although they may be in the leadership of organizations that were founded as Christian, their actual purpose is to twist “Christianity” into whatever contorted form necessary to support the Progressive political goals of the day.  Their utility derives from the ability to hoodwink their parishioners into believing that “Christianity” and secular Progressivism are perfectly and always aligned.  Therefore, it is imperative that they maintain the pretense of orthodox Christianity so as to not lose their power base.

Thus, even much of what we call “Christian” in the contemporary United States is simply an extension of the secular, or pagan, power elite that despises actual Christianity.  If you have been reading this blog then you understand the reasons that I make this statement. If you have not or are not paying attention to what some denominational leadership is doing and saying, then this statement may well appear to be ridiculous.  Regardless, please understand that I have not lightly come to this sad conclusion.

As a consequence of this situation the overt and subversive hostility to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as testified to by Romans (and other Bible Books) is massive.  The simple fact is that God’s merciful saving of sinners is of no practical use for partisan Progressives.  In the first place, they are utterly unwilling to acknowledge a source of truth and power that is independent of human will.  For to do so would be an admission that human beings are not capable of organizing themselves to create an ever more perfect world.

Secondly, they absolutely reject the idea of Biblical sin as an unavoidable and uniform human condition.  They demand the right to define “sin” based on their own political positions and practical needs.  They also insist that “sin” is something that they stand above due to their carefully maintained political correctness.  Thus, it is only their political opponents who are “sinners.” And, “sin” must not be tied to anything independent of their thought and needs, like the Bible.  For, in order to manipulate other human beings into accepting their current political “talking points,” “sin” must be an ever changing concept that is under their control.

Thirdly, they absolutely despise the idea of human life based on thankfulness and joy.  For their power is based on the continual accumulation of anger, resentment and jealousy.  The misery that they cultivate is a weapon that can be easily directed at their opponents by painting them as the reason for all the world’s ills.

Finally, they reject the idea that they are answerable to God.  For they refuse to be limited by anything beyond their own wills to power.  Thus they are freed to utilize any argument, no natter how defective or dishonest; any available power, no matter how corrupt or any emotion, no matter how destructive to achieve their chosen ends.

It is into this putrid, hostile cultural environment that the Book of Romans makes its case for Christ.  Two-thousand years ago God chose for this Gospel to transform the Roman Empire from paganism to Christianity.  We simply do not know today if it is God’s providential purpose to save and redeem the West.  One-thousand years hence will we be seen as a source of hope or a warning?  Ours is not to know.  Rather, it is to be faithful to the Biblical Gospel of Jesus Christ here where we have been placed by God.


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