The Progressive Pyramid of “Moral Authority” (9)

pyramid-notClosing Thoughts

As is likely too often the case for this blog, these past two months of posts haven’t been particularly pleasant.  However, I do hope that they have been at least thought provoking and informative.  My personal motivation is rooted in a growing concern that we are living through the precipitous decline of a troubled but wondrous civilization that was built upon a Christian worldview.


Western Civilization’s Place in the World.  Note that Christianity is by no means limited to the Western World, but has blossomed and grown throughout the entire world.  The number of Christ followers throughout the world was estimated to be 2.2 billion in 2010 (or nearly one-third of the world’s population).  Thanks be to God!

Note that I am not here claiming that Western Civilization is synonymous with Christian Civilization (particularly since Europe is for all intents and purposes a post-Christian culture).  No, Western Civilization predates Christianity, and, its pagan roots have continued to powerfully influence its development.  However, a little over two-thousand years ago God Himself entered the world in an insignificant backwater of the Roman Empire.  The ensuing collision between one of the most powerful human empires of all time and God’s Word Incarnate shook the pagan world to its core.

The ensuing events that built Western Civilization were filled with violence, cruelty and injustice, which is not surprising to a Reformed Christian.  But, somehow, by a Divine Providence that transcends human understanding, out of this chaos of sin there yet emerged a culture that began to affirm the value of each human being as an individual, unique creation of a Sovereign God.  And, from that affirmation grew a civil tradition that, incompletely and imperfectly, sought to advance those humane values.


Selected Pillars of Western Civilization

These humane values have ultimately enabled, for better and for worse, human flourishing in an environment of individual liberty, religious tolerance, technological innovation, economic abundance and cultural diversity.  It is these values that had enabled gays to safely assemble at a place called the Pulse Nightclub in spite of the fact that many Christians in the United States don’t believe that homosexuality is aligned with God’s intent for humanity’s best good.  It is these values that finally enabled the successful eradication of slavery, even though it had been a constant in human history, including in the West from time immemorial.  It is these values under which women were able to take their place in society as equals to men.  And, it is these values that enabled the West to defeat at terrible cost the two most evil, godless ideologies of modern times, National (i.e., Nazism) and International (i.e., Communism) Socialism.  I could go on and on, not because Western Civilization is all good, but rather because much that is good has occurred in spite of its faults and failures.

Over the last century or so, perhaps because of the cataclysmic consequences of two World Wars and the Cold War, the West appears to have lost its civilizationaend-of-western-civ-1l confidence.  In its place has grown a decadent, lazy, ignorant posture of self-hatred and irresponsibility.  We have progressively taught ourselves to focus only on Western Civilizations’s failures and crimes.  We have even been talked into accepting that Western Civilization’s humane victories are so tainted by evil that they are also to be despised.  In this poisoned environment we have concluded that our civilization is uniquely evil and thus undeserving of respect, from either ourselves or others.  And so, you find many in our polities who advance policies that can only be described as civilizationally suicidal.  And, the elite Progressive Left (ePL) is the primary source and power behind this philosophy.

As I have said numerous times, I don’t believe that the vast majority of those who follow the ePL’s lead intend the chaos, violence and suffering that civilizational collapse would cause.  However, I do believe that the ePL, that true “1%”, hates Western Civilization and works tirelessly to advance towards its demise.  By one means or another, they have arguably convinced a plurality of the West’s citizens to follow.

Thus this series has been my plea to the ePL’s followers to stop and consider who they have shown themselves to be, what they actually believe and where they intend to take our civilization.  If you dare to look beyond the propaganda, social pressure and virtue signalling you might discover that they are unworthy of your allegiance.

I am also speaking to those many in the West who are not following the ePL, but feel isolated, demoralized and confused.  You need not ignore Western Civilization’s many failures to yet embrace and defend its best values.


“The Pieta” by Michelangelo

The ePL has said that, simply by being a citizen of the West you bear all of the sins of that civilization, and therefore have no right to oppose anything, including ideologies of monstrous evil.  This is a monstrous lie in the service of a monstrous evil.  Yes, we must continue to use our freedoms to think, speak, criticize, debate and, ultimately, improve and reform that which is wrong with Western Civilization.  However, were we to succumb to the ePL’s ultimate vision, there may be no speech, thought or action that falls outside the control of whatever inhumane, totalitarian ideology occupies the place once held by Western Civilization.


“Doubting Thomas” by Caravaggio



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