The Progressive Pyramid of “Moral Authority” (8f)

current-top2The Answers, Finally!

I have devoted the last five posts to discussing the elevation of Political Islam to the top of the Progressive Pyramid of “Moral Authority.”  My goal has been to convince you that this event has happened in point of fact.  If I have succeeded even partially then there remains the disturbing question of why such a thing could be contemplated, let alone done by the elite Progressive Left (ePL).

The first step in identifying a credible answer is to review this pyramid’s history.  The first four decades, the 1950’s through the 1980’s shows that the ePL spent 40 years in direct or indirect support of the only ideology / organization in the world that was credibly capable of destroying Western Civilization, that being totalitarian communism, primarily led by Soviet Union (i.e., the U.S.S.R.) and secondarily by Communist China.

communistevilLet there be no mistake, the ePL spent at least four decades seeking to advance the most evil, genocidal form of human ideology/government ever in history towards its goal of world domination.  The following summary of communism’s genocidal murder from The Black Book of Communism only scratches the surface of the crimes, terror and repression carried out in the name of  Marxist “good intentions.”


Summary of Estimated Total Human Beings Killed by Communism from The Black Book of Communism

This is the ideology / government that the ePL faithfully supported in more than forty years of unremitting, tireless work.  Their only regret appears to be that, due to courage and commitment in the West, culminating in the Reagan/Thatcher/Pope John Paul II led victory, totalitarian communism collapsed in upon its utterly evil self.

This raises the obvious question:

“If communism hadn’t collapsed between 1989 and 1991, but rather continued to be a credible existential threat to Western Civilization, would the ePL have elevated a sexual predator and the gay marriage movement to their pyramid’s peak in the 1990’s and 2000’s, respectively?”

I believe the answer is a clear no.  That is, the ePL during this period was forced to elevate people / groups other than those who posed credible existential threats to Western Civilization, because there was no alternative.  However, sometime in the 2000’s, they came to the realization that a new force had arisen that carried within it the potential for destroying Western Civilization, that being Political Islam.

The Answers

I’m sorry to have to say it, but the ePL’s embrace of the ideology / group (i.e., Political Islam) that believes the previous holders of the top spot (i.e., the gay movement) should be executed  isn’t illogical, but certainly is treacherous.  It’s not illogical because the ePL doesn’t ultimately care about the good of real flesh and blood human beings.  What they do care about is:

  1. their hatred for Western Civilization and all that created and sustains it
  2. tearing Western Civilization down.

None who actually cared about human life could possibly have enthusiastically supported totalitarian communism for generations.  The tragic truth about these regimes was available to anyone with the desire to know long before the Soviet Union fell.  A few prominent sources include:

Nor were there any admissions of guilt or requests for forgiveness by the ePL when The Black Book of Communism was published in 1997.

So, my answer to the original question “Who occupies the top-spot on the Progressive pyramid of moral authority and how are they chosen?” is (with both of the following statements from the ePL’s perspective):

Under desirable circumstances (e.g., 1950’s — 1980’s and 2010’s) the top-spot belongs to that group or organization that poses the most consequential existential threat to Western Civilization.

Under special circumstances (e.g., 1990’s — 2000’s) the top-spot belongs to the person, group or organization that most effectively preserves Progressive Leftist power and/or heightens their credibility.

You see, actual flesh and blood human beings are simply disposable means to their ends.  Let’s assume that the ePL prefers a situation in which gay lives are valued.  However, when this desire is placed in competition with their ultimate goal to destroy and remake Western Civilization in their image, it’s simply no contest.

To Whom Does this Answer Apply?

Am I here stating that all people who profess Progressive beliefs are pursuing the above goals?  Not in the slightest.  In fact, the vast majority of human beings in the West who support Progressive policies have good intentions.  The problem is that, for a variety of reasons, the ePL has convinced many people to follow their lead while obfuscating their actual goals.

First and foremost, many gentle souls have thought long and hard about this world’s evils and what can be done to improve the situation.  To many of these people the ePL is the practical means by which their hopes are being brought into reality.  They believe that the ePL shares all of their beliefs, including their desire that all people find peace, prosperity and safety in a better world.

While this may be true in the fantasy utopian long-term, they don’t appear to understand that the ePL pursues the necessity for death and destruction on a monumental scale in the near/mid-term.  Wether it’s 100 million people killed under communism or over 100 gays murdered/maimed in Orlando or 1,400 young girls enslaved and sexually abused in Rotherham, or countless other acts of intimidation and terror, it’s just the cost of doing business while destroying a civilization.  That is, the necessary destruction of Western Civilization as a prerequisite for creation of this supposedly “better world” is, simultaneously, aggressively pursued and purposefully ignored.

But there are additional reasons for being drawn into the ePL’s ideological orbit.

For example, due to the ePL’s dominance in academia, mass media (news and entertainment), charities and Mainline Protestant denominations, among other highly visible organizations, the path of least resistance to a sense of moral superiority is to align oneself with these institutions.  Given the complexity of the world and the limitations of time and attention, many people simply accept the ePL narrative as a matter of convenience.  They are simply placing their trust in people and institutions that have “risen to the top” of our culture.

Additionally, there’s no avoiding the fact that it is much safer from a personal, business, and social perspective to be aligned with Progressive Leftism.  It’s not people and businesses who support Progressive ideology who are being hounded, slimed and fired for their beliefs.  In fact, a person who is clearly associated with the Progressive Left has much greater protection from consequences for their beliefs and actions than do the “irredeemable deplorables” who live outside the ePL bubble.


Super Bowl 50 Propaganda for Marxist Terrorists

How, you might ask, do these people not notice the ePL’s highly public support of those who are seeking our death and destruction?  Here we enter the realm of propaganda and big lies, in which monsters are magically converted into do-gooding heroes:

  • Spies for totalitarian, genocidal communist regimes become martyrs for civil liberties
  • Murderous Marxist terrorist thugs become heroic fighters for social justice
  • Perpetrators of Islamist terror become victims of Western colonialism who are only seeking to right historic wrongs.

We err greatly by underestimating the power of idealistic, utopian thought to obfuscate hard reality.  In explaining this dynamic I simply cannot improve on this final paragraph from The Black Book of Communism‘s Forward.


Excerpt from The Black Book of Communism

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