The Progressive Pyramid of “Moral Authority” (8d)

current-top2The Tell

There can be legitimate debate on when Political Islam was raised to the Progressive pyramid’s top position.  However, in 2016 the reality of this elevation became crystal clear.
On the early morning of June 12, 2016, a lone gunman, Omar Mateen, entered the Pulse (gay) Nightclub in Orlando Florida and proceeded to systematically murder 49 people and wound 53 others.  While conducting this monstrous rampage, Mateen  was heard shouting “Allah Akbar.” He also called 911 during the attack


Pulse Nightclub Victim

to pledge allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.  ISIS claimed responsiility for the attack Sunday afternoon.

This event created the worst possible ideological situation from the perspective of the elite Progressive Left because it pitted the two most


The human beings murdered at the Pulse Nightclub by an Islamist

favored identity groups on the Progressive Pyramid against one another: Political Islam and the Gay Movement.  Thus, the Progressive Left was forced to choose which of these two groups would receive the support and protection due the Pyramid’s top position.  And, choose they did, with Political Islam clearly the winner.

How can I be so certain of this conclusion?  Well, let’s start from the top.  Were there any situation that could move the Obama Administration off of their absurd position that Islamist terror has nothing to do with the religion of Islam, this would be ckwplwdxaaahpzsit.  However, the Obama Administration pointedly declined to identify the source of this now active threat against the lives and well-being of the Gay Community.  In their public statement, the White House refused to identify Omar Mateen as an Islamic terrorist.

While Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton’s hillary-clinton-1st-pulse-statementinitial response can reasonably be categorized as sympathetic, she also declined to connect the ideology that led to this terrorist attack with  Political Islam.  To her credit, she did call for increased international cooperation in the fight against ISIS.  However, she did nothing to change her previous position that Islamic terror has nothing to do with the religion of Islam.

Whillary-clinton-pulse-statementhile it is true that the entire religion of Islam isn’t our enemy, it certainly is also true that the radical extremists in Political Islam have declared war on Western Civilization and are waging that war by many and sundry means, including most definitely terrorist attacks like that conducted at the Pulse Nightclub.  It’s also true that Hillary Clinton and the entire Progressive Left includes discussion of the threat posed by Political Islam under the category of “hateful rhetoric against Muslims.”

sally-kohn-pulse-statementProgressive commentators further down in the hierarchy made no bones about the primary goal of protecting Political Islam.  One example of this perspective is the tweet by Sally Kohn.  Note how she attempts to tar every other religion in the world with the sin of extremist violence.  It’s not that her statement can’t be deemed as “true” if we look over all history.  However, she utterly ignores and seeks to obfuscate the fact that in this current time it is Political Islam that is conducting the vast majority of terror attacks world-wide (and the primary victims are Muslins who follow a different theological line than do the terrorists).

Unfortunately, the worst example of protecting Political Islam at any cost (to my knowledge) comes from the current Co-Moderator of the PC(USA), the Rev. Denise Anderson.  She, on June 12, 2016 released a post titled “You Are the Man! Or Why the Church Should Feel Convicted Right Now.”  In it, aside from briefly describing the carnage at the Pulse Nightclub to create context (consisting of 53 words), she had only the following words of sympathy for the victims.

Let Christians be confounded by (or, worse, silent in the face of) such a vile act. Let the church offer prayers and sympathy

Let’s be generous and add these 23 words (although the first 12 are preparing the ground for her accusations against Christianity) to the above 53, to count 76 words consumed that can reasonably be associated with a sympathetic reaction to this ghastly, evil event.

However, she spends 615 words preemptively attacking any Christian that might dare to wonder about a tie between this murderous event and Political Islam.  And she attempts to accomplish this goal by claiming that the Christian Church is the source of far more murders of gays than is Political Islam.

Church, we are the man!

This particular gunman took out fifty people in one night. How many LGBT sisters and brothers have we — the Church — gradually and systemically killed over a longer period of time?  He and we have been in the same business.  We’re simply not as efficient as he was.

Let’s be clear, this Christian leader who so deeply supports gay rights barely touched on the terror and suffering of the Pulse Nightclub victims because she was so monomaniacally focused on giving cover to Political Islam.

You see, it’s not Political Islam — that sends to the gallows, beheads, stones and throws gays off of tall buildings (in front of enthusiastically cheering crowds) — that needs to do any soul-searching. No, perish the thought (after all, Political Islam is the victim here)!  Rather it’s the Christian Church in the United States, where gay marriage has peacefully become the law of the land, that must repent of evil!

This is what happens to a mind addled by postmodern ideology / theology and addicted to virtue signaling.  And finally, just to be clear, the fact that a huge majority of General Assembly Commissioners enthusiastically voted the Rev. Anderson into office shows this mindset to be dominant in the PC(USA)’s national leadership.

So, when Political Islam reached out and did to gays in the United States what it does under Sharia Law wherever it holds power, the Progressive Left chose to provide cover rather than, finally, identifying and speaking out against this ideology.  That response is a clear tell that Political Islam sits atop their pathetic pyramid.


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