The Progressive Pyramid of “Moral Authority” (7a)

2000sThe 2000’s+

After elevating President Bill Clinton to the top of the pyramid in the 1990’s the Progressive Left’s credibility had been severely diminished.  With the controversial election of George W. Bush to the presidency in November of 2000, the stage was set for a change in the top position.

However, the radical Islamic terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 disrupted all normal political / propaganda operations.  The sheer magnitude of the attacks, the loss of life and the nation’s temporary unity disrupted the Progressive Left’s work.  Eventually they would regroup around the so-called “peace movement,” leveraging intelligence failures and chaos of war into a cohesive opposition.

Although these peace groups (e.g., Code Pink) were placed near the top of the progressive pyramid, I don’t believe that they ever achieved the pinnacle.  The Progressive Left’s experience from the 1950’s to the 80’s had likely convinced them (temporarily it turns out) that elevating people or groups to the top who directly or indirectly support the goals of the nation’s mortal enemies was a losing strategy.

Rehabilitation and success required the elevation of a group who were credibly both a minority and victims of discrimination.  The Gay Rights movement was a viable candidate due to their already established political / social organization and history of experiencing actual discrimination.  The problem was that their public image from Gay Pride parades and other in-your-face lifestyle behaviors didn’t necessarily generate a sympathetic response in many citizens.

The answer, brilliantly conceived and executed upon, was to recast Gays as “Ozzie and Harriet,” but who just happened to be the same gender.  What followed was an avalanche of TV and movie characters who, while being Gay were otherwise the kindest, coolest, most reasonable and decent people on the planet.  For example, of the “The 50 Greatest Gay TV Characters” at least 45 fall into the 2000+ time span.  While it’s certainly true that these are the actual characteristics of many Gay people, the falsehood here is that being Gay somehow makes it far more likely that you have these positive traits.  Thus was the Gay Marriage Movement moved to the very top of the Progressive Pyramid.

The payoff for this ascension was nothing less than the destruction of a central pillar of Western Civilization — the institution of Christian marriage.  The goal was to erase the definition of Christian marriage.

To understand just why this erasure was so important, let me share a conversation that I had with someone who was an early adopter.  I was speaking with a person who had leadership in a local church of a mainline denomination.  Although gay marriage wasn’t officially legal then, their church decided to “bless” same-gender relationships, in effect declaring them to be marriage from a religious perspective.

Numerous same-gender couples came forward, and their relationships were enthusiastically blessed by the congregation.  All was well, as love had triumphed.  However, some time later three men approached the pastor and asked that their relationship be blessed.  This unexpected extension caused consternation and confusion.  Their last comment about this situation was that since the definitional boundary for marriage had been erased, there were no grounds on which to oppose blessing a threesome.

My point here isn’t that the acceptance of polygamy is a certain consequence of same-gender marriage.  Rather, it is that, by destruction of this boundary, our culture’s ability to maintain any stable definition of marriage or family has been powerfully undermined.  The resulting social chaos and personal suffering will create fertile ground for growth of the Progressive Left’s social and political power.

The strategy of persuasion via social and media hype was successful beyond all expectations.  For, whereas in 2008 Democratic presidential candidates still claimed to support the traditional definition of marriage (wink, wink), by 2013 the Supreme Court had made same-gender marriage the law of the land.

Certainly, many citizens were outright convinced that gay marriage was only right and proper.  However, I contend that another large segment retained deep concerns, but acquised anyway with the hope that this act would encourage social cohesion.  That is, just as many citizens voted twice to elect an African-American to the presidency in the hope that this would finally remove the horrific stain of racism, so too they accepted gay marriage in the hope that this would somehow bridge the gap between straight and gay peoples.

The stunning rapidity of success in achieving gay marriage combined with the apparent ascendency of a permanent Progressive national majority under Barack Obama had profound consequences for the Progressive Left, those being that they:

  1. Concluded U.S. public opinion was under their control, enabling them to do as they pleased
  2. Assumed Hillary Clinton was assured to be elected President, ushering in eight more years of a weaponized Federal Government assaulting all in resistance
  3. No longer needed to hide their true beliefs.

Events would eventually show all three of these conclusions to be wrong.  We will take up one thread that unraveled into the Progressive Left’s current mental breakdown in the next post.


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