The Wages of Faux “Moral Authority”

As an aside to our discussion on the Progressive pyramid of moral authority, here are recent examples of how our faux “moral betters” in the Progressive movement use their presumed position to demean all who would dare to express a different point of view.

faux-pelosiNancy Pelosi

I’ll lead with comments by the highest elected Democratic official in the country, Nancy Pelosi, about her plans for outreach to those folks who aren’t completely onboard with the Progressive revolution.

Wow.  On the one hand some conservatives are celebrating about this type of thing, because it ensures eight years of Trump.  Personally, I’m deeply concerned that the highest elected Democratic official in the land has descended to this level of cruel lunacy.  Followers tend to look to their leaders for guidance.

The Fourth Presbyterian Church (of Chicago)

Next, I recently came across a nice brochure from the Fourth Presbyterian Church (of Chicago) containing one of their November 13 sermons.  The sermon is by Abbi Heimach-Snipes (Pastoral Resident), By Our Endurance We Will Gain Our Souls. This person has plumbed the depths of Christian love in her exposition on Isaiah 12 and Luke 21:5-19.

I woke up Wednesday morning
Heavy, shaking, crying with despair
Not because one person didn’t win
But because one person did. A man with an air
       Of white supremacy

I’m curious.  Just how does one disprove that they “have an air” of so many evil traits?  How would someone who voted for Mr. Trump defend themselves against the presumption that, they too, have this “air” about them?  And finally, just who are these irredeemable deplorables who voted this man into the Presidency over Hillary Clinton?
Where in the world did Abbi Heimach-Snipes get the idea that this was an acceptable thing to say from the pulpit?  Likely from Fourth’s senior pastor, Shannon J. Kershner, who, in an earlier sermon that day, while pretending to be even-handed, said this.
It is about the impact, the impact that very loud hate is being expressed in some extremely vivid ways since Tuesday night.
In particular, that hate is being expressed primarily by people who look like me or who love like me or who believe like me, expressed against those who do not fit those categories. Allow me to tell you a few stories of which I have firsthand knowledge.
She goes on to list (unverified) cruel statements and actions all by (unverified) people who supposedly supported Mr. Trump for President.  Only in passing did she mention the violence, hate and viciousness that regularly occurs on the Progressive Left.  This is the kind of intellectual fraud that is rampant in her circles.  The Rev. Kirshner went on to say this in her sermon.

If we, people who follow Jesus Christ regardless of our race or class or any of those demographic markers, if we choose to remain silent in the face of such racism, heterosexism, and xenophobia because it is easier that way or because we don’t want to hurt each other’s feelings or because these stories aren’t our stories or because it feels safer to keep each other at arm’s length or because we don’t like conflict or because we are afraid of being seen as partisan—if we, as a congregation and as disciples, do not speak out against the powers and principalities of hatred that have been given permission to be expressed and to flourish, then we are in danger of losing our witness to the crucified and risen Christ.

Yes, all of us irredeemable deplorables who don’t love the Progressive god are haters and worse.  You heard it from the Senior Pastor of the most rich and powerful church in the Presbytery of Chicago.  Now go out there and get in the faces of these sub-human irredeemable deplorables!
Were I a member of Fourth Presbyterian who has sympathy for why someone might not vote for four more years of Progressive governance, or worse, actually voted for Donald Trump, I would burrow deep underground and play dead.  And really, aren’t you, with regard to your moral standing, already dead to the likes of the Rev. Shannon J. Kirshner?
Finally, am I the only one who finds it deeply ironic that Rev. Kirshner says people who “believe like me” are on a hate-filled rampage?  Mirror, meet pastor.


What can possibly be said about the state of religious belief and practice in the Progressive ranks?  We are told (by our Progressive “betters”) that the Christian thing to do is to look away and pretend that all is well.  And yet, I can’t help but recall what the Westminster Confession says about the Ninth Commandment.  It says that we are bound to avoid [7.255]
… concealing the truth, undue silence in a just cause, and holding our peace when iniquity calleth for either a reproof* from ourselves, or complaint to others …
I didn’t vote for President Trump and am not planning to defend him unless he earns my trust.  However, it’s long past time that we non-Progressives stopped silently allowing the Progressive Left to assault our persons and positions.  No, I don’t mean to respond in kind (i.e., dishonest cruelty).  But rather to defend our theology, ideas and positions with solid information, firmness of purpose and respect for others.
I can already hear the shrieks of Progressive outrage from the previous paragraph’s last three words.  However, only in the warped Progressive moral bubble is criticizing others for claiming to be what their own words show that they aren’t the same thing as hurling cruel epithets at those with whom you disagree.  I have provided links to the primary sources on which my reproof* is made.  You are entitled to disagree, but I, and many others, will no longer accept these outrages in silence.

an expression of blame or disapproval.

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