The Progressive Pyramid of “Moral Authority” (1)


Opening Thoughts

In the previous post I said that elite Progressives “clearly do presume to occupy a privileged moral position.”  Although after decades of experience (including numerous memorable personal encounters) I consider this statement to be almost self-evident, there may still be need to explain and support this conclusion.

The obvious Exhibit A is their recent outpouring of fury and hatred after the election of Donald Trump.  As anyone who has followed this blog is well aware, I was not a Trump supporter and did not vote for him (or anyone else).  Clearly I am not a supporter of the Progressive political or theological project.  However, the response of the elite Progressive Left to Trump’s win has exposed the underlying contempt for and hatred of anyone who opposes them in stark relief.  Basically, they have written off almost half of the United State citizenry as “deplorable” monsters.  That is, the people who elected Mr. Trump to the Presidency are not people with whom they disagree, but rather are people whose moral depravity and stupidity has allowed a new Hitler to be elected (you know, just like every single Republican candidate/President for the last 70 years).

After the last eight years of the Obama Presidency one might reasonably think that there are legitimate reasons of policy and competency that would motivate an electorate to desire an alternative to “four more years” of Progressive governance.  For example, over the past eight years we were stunned to learn that the Federal Government:

  • Operated an illegal gun running operation through the ATF (Operation Fast and Furious) that allowed guns to be sold into Mexico that were certainly used to kill many Mexican citizens and at least one US Border Control Agent (Brian Terry).  The kindest appraisal of this conduct is that it arose from incompetence and gross negligence.  Then Attorney General Eric Holder stonewalled Congressional investigation and ultimately no-one in the government was held accountable.
  • Used the powers of the IRS to intimidate and suppress activities of conservative and pro-Israel groups by seeking intrusive levels of information and delaying their applications for non-profit tax status.  The result was that their voices were silenced (thus abrogating their freedom of speech by Federal Government discrimination) in this nation’s political debate.  No-one has been held accountable for this activity.
  • Has been consistently attacking the religious freedom of US citizens, from Obamacare demanding that religious organizations fund abortion to demanding participation in gay weddings to constraining the definition of “religious freedom” to mean only that which occurs during actual worship events.
  • Failed to adequately protect US Government employees associated with our Libya consulate in Benghazi, leading to the murder of four (including our Ambassador) by Islamic terrorist groups.  We know now that the Obama Administration intentionally lied about the event and its causes in order to protect their electoral prospects.  Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lied in person to the grieving families and called them liars when the dared to complain.
  • Illegal monitoring and harassment of the press, including the Associated Press (reporters’ phone records as part of a leak investigation), Fox News (the Justice Department suggested that Fox News reporter James Rosen was a criminal and monitored his phones and emails) and CBS (the likely hacking of Sharyl Attkisson’s computer) and general bullying (interfered with coverage, including forcing a reporter to wait in a closet, making a reporter delete photos, and editing pool reports, etc.).
  • Oversaw the scandalous failure of the Veterans Administration deliver medical and psychological services (to the point of death while waiting for medical care).
  • Imposed Title-IX to force universities to implement locker and bathroom policies that allowed a man who “felt like” a woman to go in (or vice-versa).
  • Through purposeful deception, entered into a massively flawed agreement with Iran that delivered $150 billion to the world’s largest sponsor of Islamic terror and paid $1.7 billion in what is to all practical purposes a ransom for Iran’s return of US citizens being held there.
  • Mrs Clinton, as Secretary of State, used an illegal, insecure email server for all of her and many of her closest aid’s communication that:
    • Almost certainly allowed foreign governments to obtain our nation’s classified information
    • Allowed her to unilaterally delete tens of thousands of emails that were under Congressional subpoena
    • Was used by President Obama himself (under a pseudonym) who then apparently lied to the nation that he found out about the server in the newspapers with all the rest of us
    • Sullied the reputation of the Justice Department and the FBI
    • Will likely ultimately destroy the lives of some who participated in the illegal activity and associated coverup
  • And numerous others, but my point is made.

As this was going on, anyone who objected was labeled, as Mrs Clinton so vividly described an “‘irredeemable’ ‘basket of deplorables'” who are “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it.

Did elite Progressives really think that in the face of this onslaught of cruelty, corruption, contempt and cunning the Republican Party electorate would continue to nominate polite, well-meaning people like Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush?  People who are incapable of understanding, let alone fighting back against vile accusations of being Nazis, racists, murderers, sexists, animal torturers, morons, etc., etc.?

No, after eight years of abuse the electorate that opposes Progressive policies decided that only a bare-knuckled street fighter was capable of winning back the Presidency.  They nominated Mr. Trump, supported him through thick-and-thin and turned out to vote him into office.

One might think that there would be a period of quiet soul-searching after such a stunning  rejection by popular majorities in enough states to easily elect Mr. Trump.  However, the exact opposite has occurred, as Progressives on social media and in person have unburdened themselves in revealingly destructive ways.

Unfortunately, it’s likely that Mr. Trump and some of his supporters will match the nastiness and cruelty of their Progressive opposition.  In that case, the United States will have taken another step down the road to ruin.

Elite Progressives feel free to behave this way because of their sense of superior moral authority.  From their perspective, since they always and completely represent the forces of truth and justice, anyone who opposes them must be in the service of “evil.”  And, they are sure that “evil” must be destroyed by any and all means necessary, certainly including (particularly over the last eight years) using the awesome powers of government in illegal ways.

The fact is that, although the Progressive movement has taken a major hit, they still control the commanding heights in most major institutions.  It is from these places of privilege and power that their counter-assault will originate.  And, a key component will be the definition and use of a “pyramid of moral authority” with which they can confuse and intimidate their fellow citizens into renewed submission.

Only if we take the time to understand and have the courage to oppose, regardless of who is wielding these tactics, can a better path for our nation be found.  That is, the elite Progressives will only stop if their current methods fail, and, if they don’t fail, then the Populist movement may well resort to similarly destructive schemes.  That’s a recipe for civilizational suicide.

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