Starting Anew in 2017

st_paul_anglican_church_beautiful_sunset_hd-wallpaper-1606729I launched this blog in November 2014.  Between then and now I have published 250 posts.  Although there has been quite a variety of topics, there have been two primary areas of focus, those being:

  1. A deep study of the PC(USA) leadership, including their beliefs, actions, intentions and results
  2. Publishing two of my own works: The Language of Suffering and God’s Acts of Providence.

I completed publishing God’s Acts of Providence late this year.

Although the PC(USA) leadership will certainly continue in their apostasy (and worse), there is a point where continued criticism becomes redundant. That is, if someone after reading a significant portion of my work in this area remains untroubled, then they likely either are in general agreement with the leadership’s direction or are in an impregnable state of denial.  So, although the PC(USA) leadership will certainly continue in their present course, the marginal value of addressing this issue is decreasing.  I don’t doubt that some future outrage will tempt me to revisit this area, which I may find irresistible.  However, I hope that these unpleasant diversions are few and far in-between.

So, if I intend to leave behind the two primary areas of the past two-plus years, then where to focus going forward?  Although it’s anyone’s guess where this year’s events will lead, there is an issue upon which I will initially focus.

I have become convinced that the Progressive political movement is a major contributor to the shocking decline of what was once called Western Civilization.  It is by no means the only contributor, as there is much blame to go around across the political, social and religious spectrum.  That blame clearly extends to me as well.  That is, I do not consider myself to be someone who stands at a privileged moral position, but rather as an active participant whose faults and failures have certainly contributed to our current state.

But, that’s the reason I have decided to focus on the Progressives, be they secular or their enthusiastic religious collaborators.  For, the elite Progressives clearly do presume to occupy a privileged moral position; one from which they feel entitled to assault and destroy anyone or anything that they deem to be in opposition to their goals.  I have touched on this issue in previous posts, see herehere, here, here, and here, among others.

One of the most potent weapons in their arsenal is the ability to designate levels of “presumed moral authority” to groups and individuals.  Those who achieve the highest levels in this “pyramid” are able to act and speak with an impunity that is denied to almost everyone else.  However, you need not be a member of the top group to obtain that impunity.  No, regardless of your identity group, if you slavishly support whatever Progressive positions are currently held, then you too can speak and act with an impunity that approaches those holding the position of “presumed absolute moral authority” (this is particularly true for the caste of elite Progressive social engineers who determine the order in this pyramid).

Note, however, that the top pyramid position is not static.  That is, who occupies the favored position changes over time.  And so we are led to ask who is on top and just how a given group or person achieves that position.  Examination of these and associated questions may well shed significant light on how the Progressive movement has been able to achieve their impressive levels of civilizational destruction.


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