God’s Acts of Providence (55)

hard-roadMeditation on God’s Providence (12)

The Hard Road from Revulsion to Embrace (1)

The reaction, even from many committed Christians, to the doctrine of predestination can be best captured by the word “revulsion.”  Use of such a strong expression is by no means meant to denigrate the response nor negate its reasons.  In fact, so antithetical is this doctrine to our natural reason that the most likely first reaction must be one of repulsion.

I believe that there are two related but distinct fundamental reasons for this response.

  1. The doctrine places the responsibility for each individual’s eternal disposition – salvation or damnation – squarely, solely and uniquely in God’s hands.
  2. The doctrine appears to fundamentally negate the doctrine of human free will.

With respect to God’s responsibility, the relationship to negation of free will is obvious.  However a fuller discussion of free will will be developed separately because of issues that include, but go beyond salvation.


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