Comments on the 222nd General Assembly (2 of 3)


The Worst of the Rest

Here’s part two of what the post-modern, post-Christian elites who lead our denomination wrought at the 222nd General Assembly.

  • Firstly, note the lack of a single Christian symbol on this image from the  official GA web page.  When you are post-Christian the idea to include a Christian symbol on your event’s images just doesn’t necessarily enter your mind.
  • An opening prayer was led by a practicing Muslim, Wajidi Said of the Portland Muslim Community, who said in his prayer, “Lead us on the straight path – the path of all the prophets: Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. ”  This statement was interpreted by an ex-Muslim as follows:

pcusa-multim-prayerMateen Elass, a former Muslim who now works with a ministry for Arab-speaking individuals called Voice of the Truth, called the event one which “denied the gospel and lordship of Jesus Christ.”

Elass criticized the PCUSA for inviting “a practicing Muslim … to lead the worship of Christians,” and pointed out that Said asked “Allah to convert the assembly” during his prayers.

“Praying to Allah … he was pleading that the Presbyterians gathered there would be converted to the straight path, i.e., becom Muslims,” Elass wrote in his blog.

  • Approve a report that calls for a re-evaluation of the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Critics said the report questions the right of Israel to exist as the sanctuary for Jews it was created to be. The report was approved 429-129.
  • Call for the “prayerful study” of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, which trumped a move to end any church affiliation with BDS, a global campaign to apply economic pressure to Israel and boycott its institutions and products.

See here for the two-state re-evaluation resolution and  here for the BDS resolution.

  • The GA officially approved that the Confession of Belhar be added to our Book of Confessions.  As I pointed out previously, Belhar is at odds with our historic Confessions and will be used as a club to force conformity on whatever Social Justice issues the elites decide to support.
    • We can now expect people who have denigrated and ignored our historic Confessions to begin using Belhar as if it is the only (with the possible exception of the Confession of 1967) relevant Confession.
    • The Advocacy Committee for Women’s Concerns (ACWC) has already used the Confession of Belhar to justify their support for “On the Admission of, and Apology for, Harms Done to the LGBTQ/Q Members of the PC(USA), Family and Friends—From the Presbytery of New York City.”

      Therefore the opportunity to seek reconciliation (conciliation) through confession of wrong is urged and supported. The Belhar Confession calls us to take our acts of repentance and reconciliation personally and corporately.

They are less tolerant of conservative theologies within the denomination. Some remain hopeful that conservatives who are upset with the 221st General Assembly (2014) decisions on marriage will see that there are different ways to interpret scripture, and will choose to stay and accept the changes, over time. Others would simply be happy if the conservatives left the PC(USA), and a few offered suggestions for helping dissenting congregations to leave the denomination with grace and dignity.

There are two options described in the thinking of these “Purposeful Progressives,” (1) conform and stay and (2) get out!

These are just the lowlights.  I could go on, but I suspect that the point has been made.

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