God’s Acts of Providence (7)

The Chief End of Man (6)

War and Rescue

Genesis 14

This chapter contains the complex story of war between numerous kings and their city-states, including Sodom and Gomorrah.  Lot and his clan were caught up in the defeat of Sodom and were taken as plunder.  When word of their fate reached Abram he marshaled 318 men and went off in pursuit. Upon closing with the foe, Abram’s forces routed them in a night attack.  He recovered Lot with his entire household and possessions.

After this great victory Abram shares a celebration with the king of Sodom, within which there is a meeting of import with Melchizedek[1] king of Salem.  Abram declines an offer of reward by the king of Sodom.

[1] See Hebrews Chapter 7.


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