Loving All Our Neighbors (Part 1)


In my post Finishing the First Year the stated second topic relates to the demoralization of our civilization.  In Gnosticism Reimagined? (Part 7: A Working Hypothesis) I connected this effort to the ideology of multiculturalism.  You may well wonder what “Loving All Our Neighbors” has to do with civilizational demoralization via multiculturalism.  The foundation for this connection will be laid in the following posts.  At the series end I will explicitly state that which has been implicitly disclosed.

To begin, a concise definition of cultural relativism that animates multiculturalism has been provided by Dr. Mark Glazer of the University of Texas:

The article, “The Limitations of the Comparative Method of Anthropology,” was the first exposition of cultural relativism. According to the tenets of cultural relativism, there are no inferior or superior cultures; all cultures are equal.

Although this concept may have utility in the academic discipline of anthropology, its common acceptance in elite ideology as an unassailable moral truth has been been quite controversial.   In particular, it appears to utterly fail the common sense test within the domain of actual human behavior.  For example, skeptics ask “Why is it that while millions of human beings attempt to (legally or illegally) emigrate to the countries associated with Western Civilization, virtually none attempt to enter Cuba, North Korea and Somalia, among many others?”

Country size relative to inflow of migrants. The USA, UK, France and Germany feature prominently.

Country size relative to inflow of migrants. The USA, UK, France and Germany feature prominently.

At other extremes, skeptics ask about cultures built on cannibalism or official discrimination against women.

It is within this apparently irreconcilable conflict between theory and practice that multiculturalists act out their destructive morality plays.  Our PCUSA elite, as card-carrying members of the larger elite culture openly and aggressively participate.

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