Gnosticism Reimagined (Part 5c)

SecretKnowledgeOur Gnostic PC(USA) General Assembly Ex-Moderator (continued)

The Rev. Reyes Chow and A New New Testament (continued)

I will conclude this review of the Rev. Reyes-Chow’s engagement with his critics with the following two excerpts.

I must help heretics because of inclusion and tolerance!

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 2.49.45 PM

Thanks to Mark Robinson for saving me some work.

The pretense of personal orthodoxy while advancing heresy

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 5.42.05 AMThis exchange is the capstone, if you will, of the deceitfulness in which so many of our PCUSA elites engage.  Perhaps a brief parable will best capture this situation.

There once was a man who said that he so loved the redwood forest that he would dedicate his life to its preservation and expansion.  In fact, he took a solemn oath to do so in an organization created for that very purpose.  Many years later, members of that organization found this man madly chopping down redwood trees with a group of vandals.  They asked in bewilderment why he was doing this given his beliefs.  He replied: “Oh yes, I still hold to all my beliefs about preserving and expanding the redwood forest.  But I came across these good people who believe the opposite, and, in order to uphold inclusiveness and tolerance, decided that I must help them in their task.”

Were you to judge this man in the parable would you hesitate to call him a liar?  And yet, here is a man who has enthusiastically joined forces with people who believe that God is nonexistentWe should give Jesus a demotion, the Canon of Scripture is an attempt to invent Christianity and the Bible does not contain fixed, objective standards of behavior.  And what is Reyes-Chow doing with these people?  He is proposing a New New Testament that adds heretical Gnostic texts which contradict the teaching of the real Bible at every turn!

Yet, to preserve the “peace of the church,” we look quickly away and pretend that there’s nothing of significance to see here.  I’m sorry, but yes, there is.

Actually though, it’s far worse than this.  Here’s how the parable ends.

The leaders of the redwood preservation and expansion organization then wrote and published a fawning article in which the vandal-joining man was praised for being at the forefront of preserving and expanding the redwood forest!


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