The “Interracial Marriage” Argument for Same Gender Marriage

The Presbytery of Hudson River argued in their Rationale supporting same gender marriage that:

And yet we don’t often consider that prohibiting the right of our fellow Christians to marry someone of the same gender is wholly analogous to prohibiting the marriages of people of different races.

To which I responded, after due consideration:

I invite the Commissioners and leadership of the Presbytery of Hudson River to explain their actual justification for accusing their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who oppose same gender marriage, based on Christ’s teaching, of bring the equivalent of racists.

It has recently come to my attention that:

nbci-logo2010Approximately 15.7 million African Americans belonging to 34,000 churches have broken their ties with the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) following its decision to allow same sex marriage.

The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI), led by its president Rev. Anthony Evans said the main reason for their coalition’s departure from the PCUSA is the recent vote of the Presbyterian General Assembly to revise its constitution, specifically the terms that define marriage, reports Charisma News.

“In this case, PCUSA deliberately voted to change the Word of God and the interpretation of holy marriage between one man and one woman. This is why we must break fellowship with them and urge the entire Christendom to do so as well,” he added.

The NBCI further denounced PCUSA’s manipulation and declared it a “universal sin” against the entire church and its members.

“With this action, PCUSA can no longer base its teachings on 2,000 years of Christian scripture and tradition, and call itself a Christian entity in the body of Christ. It has forsaken its right by this single wrong act,” Evans noted.

So, I have two more questions for the Commissioners and leadership of the Presbytery of Hudson River:

  1. Do you believe that the NBCI’s position is “wholly analogous to prohibiting the marriages of people of different races?”
  2. If not, do you have any sense of remorse for having so cruelly treated the orthodox Presbyterians who opposed same gender marriage?

The sorry truth is that it’s not just the Presbytery of Hudson River who used this cynical and callous argument to intimidate their fellow Christians into submission, or, at least silence regarding same gender marriage.  No, this appalling argument was used in countless group and personal discussions as well.

I really do think that they all owe us answers.


The next post will be my 100th on this blog, in which  I’ll share the cumulative considerations and conclusions of this work to date.


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