LoS: Job’s Suffering and Encounter with the LORD – Opening Thoughts

job-surrenderA cursory overview of the Book of Job might lead to the conclusion that this series of posts is superfluous. After all, Job is about a man who suffers terribly, demands answers to the mysteries of suffering from God Himself and receives a detailed reply – four entire chapters worth!

Job was a blameless man who had been blessed with family, wealth, health and friends. Satan accused Job of being good only because of the blessings that God had bestowed upon him. So God and Satan entered into a bargain in which Satan could take everything from Job except his life; to see if Job would curse God.

Satan visited terrible tragedies and great personal suffering on Job. To make matters worse, three of Job’s friends arrived to comfort him. But they ended up trying to convince Job that he was guilty of some great sin that had brought on all of this suffering. Job denied their arguments and demanded a hearing with God Himself. Finally, a fourth, younger friend ferociously tore into Job.

It was at this point that the LORD arrived, in a storm. After all that Job had been through we might have expected that the storm was for those so-called friends. But Job was to find out that it’s one thing to demand a hearing with God and quite another to be granted one.

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