What’s Going On in the PCUSA (Conclusion)

The unfortunate fact is that there is an almost unlimited number of issues on which I am in disagreement with the current PCUSA elite.  I have discussed many of these issues at length throughout this blog’s posts.  I will likely have more to say in the future.  However, at this point it may be best to simply state what I have come to believe about “what’s going on in the PCUSA.”

Firstly, there are many pastors, elders, deacons and members in the PCUSA who are living out their Christian faith in wonderful ways.  There are still many churches in the PCUSA that are faithfully proclaiming Christ’s Gospel in their ministries, both locally and globally.

However, a clear majority of the current PCUSA elite appear to have traded their responsibility to proclaim Christ’s Gospel for a putrid red pottage of secular ideologies.  They have converted the PCUSA at the Presbytery (with exceptions) and General Assembly (without exception) level into a wholly owned subsidiary of the radical Progressive political movement.

I cannot and will not reconcile myself to this appalling project.  The only way to remain in the PCUSA without violating my Christian conscience is to do so in open opposition.

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