What is Going On in the PCUSA? (Part 1)

I have, in one way or another, asked the title’s question numerous times along the way.  There comes a point when either the question is addressed, or, you must admit that it has been rhetorical all along.  I do believe that something significant is “going on” in the PCUSA, and, that it is both purposeful and connected to larger social movements.

To date I have focused primarily on postmodernism to understand the means and ends being pursued.  Although I consider it to be an essential (even foundational) component, it isn’t sufficient to address the entirety of what’s “going on.”  Therefore I’ll start with a few more observations on postmodernism, but will expand the discussion’s scope as necessary to address other components of the whole.

What follows should be interpreted as one man’s working hypothesis for the PCUSA leadership’s world view.  Thus, I’m attempting to understand the motivations and actions of a group.  What results need not apply to a given individual group member. However, what’s “going on” can only be occurring because a cohesive, like-minded, powerful group within the PCUSA is willing and acting in unison.

I believe that there is major overlap between the PCUSA, other mainline denominations and secular organizations/movements.  However, since my specific focus has been on the PCUSA, I will draw primarily from this source.

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