LoS: Divergence

Two-PathsMy plan was to post the Language of Suffering as it was originally organized, systematically tracing the thread of suffering through Scripture.

However, as the Lenten season has progressed, I have felt called to offer “Christ’s Suffering and Death” out of order.  On the one hand I’m concerned that this divergence could break the flow of ideas that ensure full appreciation of Christ’s sacrifice.  On the other hand, this is the season in which Christians focus on Christ’s passion as in no other time of the year.

I’ve decided to trust that you will continue to value insight into God’s purposes for suffering even if we cover Christ’s passion earlier than would have normally been the case.  So, I’ll begin the meditation on “Christ’s Suffering and Death” this Friday.  My prayer is that it will enrich your own thoughts, prayers and hopes as we approach Good Friday together.


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