What’s Next…

Now that I’ve had my say regarding same gender marriage and the PCUSA it’s time to turn the page.

Back in 2006 a dear friend of mine died of pancreatic cancer.  His suffering and death occurred over two and a half years.   The grief, sorrow and shock of this experience had to be integrated into my faith in Jesus Christ or that faith would come to an end.  I therefore entered into a dialogue with God’s Word on the topic of suffering.  What emerged, the “Language of Suffering” (LoS), is what’s next for this blog.

There’s always the possibility that an important issue will arise that simply must be addressed.  Should this occur I’ll suspend posts on the LoS to attend to the immediate issue.

Suffering exists across a tremendous scope of experience and at an enormous range of intensity. We all have some idea of its power. I simply couldn’t ignore the challenge that its icy grip made on my faith. So, in God’s great mercy, the Holy Spirit’s power enabled me to see this journey through. May He be forever praised!


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