Endings and Beginnings

Many who hold to an orthodox understanding of Christianity have already exited the PCUSA. Those who remain often feed isolated and despondent. We should not. For God does not depend on numbers of adherents or the power of human will to achieve His ends. He calls to be faithful wherever we are, not because we must prevail, but rather because we so love and trust our Lord and Savior that we simply must testify to His Gospel.

One place to begin is to reestablish the organic link between orthodox Reformed theology and our practical lives. The breaking of this link is a primary reason for the confused state of the PCUSA. I’ve become convinced that doctrines, even the most true and certain, that aren’t lived out in practice become weak. The flip side is that falsehoods, if lived out in practice, appear to be strong. The challenge then is to so live out true doctrine so as to allow its power to shine forth!

However, in this postmodern world, the default assumption is that the authoritative source for authentic living of any kind (including Christian) exists within the self (e.g., “be true to yourself”). We must boldly testify to the truth that God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is the ultimate and unique source of authority, and then learn together, in Christ’s Body, the church, how to live out this truth in our practical lives.

Let’s return to R.C. Sproul’s article, “The Pelagian Captivity of the Church,” for a fitting summary of our challenge and ultimate hope.

Until we humble ourselves and understand that no man is an island and that no man has an island of righteousness, that we are utterly dependent upon the unmixed grace of God for our salvation, we will not begin to rest upon grace and rejoice in the greatness of God’s sovereignty, and we will not be rid of the pagan influence of humanism that exalts and puts man at the center of religion. Until that happens there will not be a new Reformation, because at the heart of Reformation teaching is the central place of the worship and gratitude given to God and God alone. Soli Deo gloria, to God alone be the glory.

Yes, to God alone be the glory!

Come, Lord Jesus!

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all the saints. Amen.

(Revelation 22:20b,21)


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