The Theological Crisis (3 of 5)

It is undeniable that this process of atomized individualization and therapeutic self-centeredness has progressed far beyond what existed fifty years ago. My primary point here isn’t to bemoan these cultural shifts, but rather to highlight the theological capitulation to them.

The capitulation in the liberal church has been quicker, deeper and less opposed than that of the evangelical church. In fact, it may be more accurate to speak on the whole of enthusiastic support rather than opposition.

This is not to suggest that there has not been active, vocal opposition in the liberal church, but rather that the opposition is by a clear minority.  Nor are these comments intended to diminish or disregard the many parishioners, elders, deacons and pastors who have held fast to orthodox Reformed doctrine. I have benefited wonderfully from their work, as have so many others. Rather, they are intended as acknowledgement of the powerful head winds against which we must toil.

For reasons beyond our ability to discern, the sovereign God has chosen to allow a great falsehood to confound His church. As a result, even in those churches where orthodox Reformed doctrine has been faithfully taught for generations there are many who live unaware, following the path of least resistance into error. It is not our place to question God’s actions, but rather to be faithful witnesses to His truth wherever we find ourselves, confident that His good and perfect ends will be accomplished.


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