And be Conformed to this World (1 of 2)

If the Scriptures are ignored and Jesus Christ is silenced, then by what means is the case ultimately made for same-gender marriage? The most prominent means is pointing to the acceptance of this concept in the secular world and demanding that the church “catch up.” The rationales are brimming with lists of countries and states, denominations, judicial and political decisions and cultural movements that support same-gender marriage.

The message conveyed is clearly to be conformed to this world – if this world happens to be going in the direction of which postmodern Christians approve. And postmodern Christianity reliably appears to take its lead from a larger secular political movement that is spearheaded by centers of elite thought; the journalists, academics, bureaucrats, entertainers, lawyers and politicians, among others, who see themselves as the vanguard for all progress and social improvement.  If you doubt this, compare those issues that are prioritized by the PCUSA leadership with those of this secular elite.

These Rationales also include the refrain that the church must be made relevant to the world. As was noted in posts on PCUSA membership decline, this drive for “relevance” would appear to have been a total failure, as existing members continuously leave and fewer people join the PCUSA year after year. Given these results, which have been occurring for decades, it isn’t unreasonable to conclude that the “relevance” that PCUSA leadership so aggressively and consistently seeks is not to existing or prospective members, but rather to the secular elite with whom they appear to have a powerful bond of a common cause. It’s a sad sight to see leaders of the PCUSA offering up the church to be just one small cog in a giant, partisan secular machine.

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