Rationales: Selected Text Analysis

Up to now I have reviewed only the word usage in these Rationales. Of course, the authors use words to construct specific arguments in support of their cause. Thus, our review isn’t complete without looking into the nature of these statements. The following excerpts are only a small sampling of the Rationale record. As such, decisions about what to include were necessary. I do not claim that what follows is necessarily representative of the entire record. Rather, I have selected those excerpts that (1) focus on theological / Biblical issues and/or (2) cast the most light on the postmodern Christian mindset that this work seeks to isolate and understand.

In the following posts I will discuss Rationales from numerous Presbyteries.  Post titles will have the Presbytery’s name followed by the specific Overture under review (i.e., “Authoritative Interpretation” or “Amending Marriage”).  In some cases multiple posts will be required, with associated numbering (e.g., 1 of 3).

For these specific posts I will use the quotation format only for excerpts from the Rationales.

 “Other excerpts and quotes will be shown as indented text in quotes.”

The full Rationale texts under review will be progressively published in the Rationales page.


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